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Default Doom editor "WHY" - One of the better SRB2 editors

Originally Posted by WHY Website
Why is the first Doom editor to have a built-in scripting system (the only other one being XWE). It gives you full access to the internals of the program. Need to change all certain linedeftypes to another or globally modify all things that meet a certain criteria? These tasks are quite simple, but laborious when done manually. With Why, all you have to do is write a simple script and run it. Efficient scripting can be a huge time and hair saver.
Skilled coders can create their own prefabs, checker scripts, and so on. And the best part is that you can share these scripts with the world for fame and kudos.
That right there tips me off -- someone (not me, I doubt I have the skills required) could make a WHY script for SRB2's stuff.

Anyone willing to give it a shot?
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