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méga trovăo!
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Default Srb2 doom builder, help!

how do I create a platform that when floor somewhere in the ground, this platform falls, and when floor again in the same place for the second time, the platform rises?
how do I do?

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delete this post! AH! WHO!?

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Christmas is coming

I don't know the first thing about SRB2 Doom Builder, but you should use Zone Builder instead. It's the newest level editor from the community, and I hear that's what people use now. You can find Zone Builder here. For help in editing levels, you should post in the Editing Help Section next time around. That section is right over here. A lot of the community can be found on IRC 24/7, and most of us there are experienced with making wads. Here's the IRC info. Lastly, take a look at the SRB2 Wiki for in-depth text tutorials. The wiki is here. Good luck!
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Monster Iestyn
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Oh right, the same thread was posted elsewhere (, this one should have been locked already.
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