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Default Phonebloks: A phone worth keeping.

Phonebloks: A phone worth keeping.

This is a new kind of phone, for saving the planet, even!

Every day, stuff gets thrown away just based on age, or functionality. Phones are the leading cause. So how to fix it? With Phonebloks.

What is Phonebloks? Well...
<CoatRack> Phoneblok: the Lego Phone
But really, Phonebloks is a simple brick which is basically like a Mac with some massive customization. The device connects several modules, all made of blocks, and can be easily updated or repaired at your leisure. There's likely more images, but at this time, the project has such popularity that it killed their website.

Either way, you can show your support for the device here, by saying you support it. On October 29, the text you enter will post to the site you decide to share it to. This confirms the project has enough followers, and anyone you know on those sites will see it.
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This is a really impressive idea, and I hope such a thing becomes official! I know for a fact that if I make my phone, it's going to have lots of battery life, and great processing power, just for my personal needs.
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It's a nice concept, but this is practically unfeasible with the way technology works and all. Even if it did work it would run incredibly slow. Still, as I've said, it's an interesting idea.
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