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one rude dude
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Default Poisoned Paradise - screenshots

I just thought I'd post some screenshots of my wad for this month's contest. It's called Poisoned Paradise, and I completely forgot where I got that name from. I made these screens with XMas mode off, because I think it looks better that way.

Near the beginning of the level. In the first half you go up a river of slime put out by the factory. Don't fall in, because you probably won't get back out fast enough.

Halfway through the level you enter the factory. It has the standard conveyor belts and crushers as well as a turret gun.

Edit: webspace no longer hates me, moved the screens there.
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Old 12-29-2003   #2

Looks promising.
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All levels look better without XMAS :P

Although THZ act 1 looks okay with XMas on..

Oh yeah! Good job ^_^;;
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I can't see it
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*smacks Jethechidna for bumping an old topic*
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