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a.k.a. HyperFlare957
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Default Crumbling FOFs falling faster than normal

I have run into a problem involving Crumbling FOFs that causes them to fall faster than they should. I am unsure what could be the cause of this, but it doesn't seem to affect every one of them.

This is the FOF in question.

This is what it looks like in Zone Builder.

For a comparison, this is one of the other crumbling FOFs on the same map.

Any reason as to why this is happening?
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Monster Iestyn
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It could be because the crumbling FOF is tagged to multiple sectors from one linedef, which would be a bug with SRB2. I know there's a similar problem with floating, bobbing FOFs at least, where tagging the linedef to multiple sectors makes it move faster than normal.
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