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Petit The Hedge
A.K.A. Neon T.H.
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Default NEW - I'm Making A Game!

Hi there!
Be Welcome.

So, here's the thing, i'm learning Clickteam Fusion 2.5,
and soon enough,(2019 or 20) i will make a fangame, even though its not about sonic, it has lots of references to it, and i even got permission from Lakefeperd to use some of his: Sonic: ATS and BTS musics, so, wait and see.

I needed to have an excuse for an editing thread. .-.
OBS: There will still be SRB2 related editing here, don't worry.

btw, the soundtrack is already ready, so here it is. (not wad version)
Attached Files
File Type: rar Heroes In Time! Soundtrack.rar (1.7 KB, 90 views)

(Petit The Hedge received an infraction for this post: Do not post about a project you have not started.)

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That guy that ports
Permanently Banned

Maybe you want to actually make a good portion of your game for us to try out before you make a thread about it... You don't want to stir up hype or anything from something that hasn't been made yet, and don't expect this thread to help you form a team of people to make said game with either, as it's against the forum rules.

EDIT: To add this, this thread has NOTHING to do with anything SRB2 related, its not a good excuse at all if the reason cannot be seen, making an announcement about a game that isn't being made from SRB2 still means that it's not SRB2 related content.

EDIT 2: AND TO ADD TO THIS, the .rar file you've uploaded doesn't actually play a soundtrack, you don't upload a Windows Media Playlist file to post music to play, and even then, the music is obviously not original since it's all from Sonic Before the Sequel/After the Sequel, so... you uploaded a soundtrack to a game that doesn't actually exist yet and it doesn't contain anything original...

Go back to the drawing board, please. You need to show that you've actually coded/worked on/sprited/done ANYTHING for this game besides a soundtrack that you didn't even make.

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This is not a general fangame forum. Even if it was, they'd want to see something you did instead of just hyping up a project you haven't done any actual work on.
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