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SCR_SRB2Silver 1 Zone Demo Details »»
SCR_SRB2Silver 1 Zone Demo
Version: v0.10, by furythehog (The Emblem Guy!) furythehog is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2017

Version: SRB2 Rating:
Released: 03-01-2012 Last Update: Never Installs: 1
Single Player Levels SOCs Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics Is in Beta Stage

About time I did something with SRB2, short of my contest entry which I really don't remember how long ago that was, I haven't bothered to even try to exist in here. And so I decided I would upload something.

SRB2Silver. (no silver the hedgehog included)

This is only the first zone, and is comparable to GFZ in difficulty, and I will admit, this zone is pretty gimmick starved, but it's the first zone so I didn't want to make it too big and hectic.

The only zone in this version (v0.10) is SFZ, or Serene Falls zone, it was built to be simplistic and easy to clear really, but difficulty will go up as zones go on.

To make it have a bit of extra zing to make up for the fact that no challanging levels are ready yet, I added some custom stuff. A new title screen, some custom music and of course, emblems to go looking for. The emblems aren't really too difficult to find, but at least you get ARZ1 (Aqua Relic zone 1) for collecting 7 of them.

Well that is pretty much it for this version of it, enjoy whats there.

To do list for v0.20:

Finish ARZ. (Aqua Relic zone)
Ask/beg Chrispy for use of Rosy and Metal Sonic done right in the mod.
Make the credit music fade out.
Get a new title theme.

(Also, the attachment system is having a hissy fit when I try to add the RAR, so for now, I can only provide the MediaFire mirror, but I will try to get the attachment system to take it, it fits file size so I dont see why this is happening.)

MediaFire mirror:

Download Now

File Type: zip (13.24 MB, 372 views)


Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20002.png
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ID:	2610   Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20003.png
Views:	317
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ID:	2611   Click image for larger version

Name:	srb20004.png
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ID:	2612   Click image for larger version

Name:	SilvZ1A1.png
Views:	275
Size:	29.9 KB
ID:	2613   Click image for larger version

Name:	SilvZ1A2.png
Views:	302
Size:	52.8 KB
ID:	2614  

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Name:	SilvZ1A3.png
Views:	279
Size:	44.8 KB
ID:	2615  

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Old 03-03-2012   #2
aka SpiritCrusher
MascaraSnake's Avatar

Released. I managed to upload the attachment by putting it on my dropbox account and letting the MB download it from there. We'll still look into resolving the issue.
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Old 03-04-2012   #3
a person who plays srb2
Silvaseven123's Avatar

Okay I give this like a 7 but it deserves better. This thing is really cramped at some parts and a bit bland in act 1 . Other than that act 1 was nice. Moving to act 2 8/10 . Act 2 was short but good and I loved the sunset featured sky . It adds a nice touch to this level but as I said earlier its too short for me . You could add more secrets in both levels and different paths. Other than that, good luck on the mod.
who said srb2 sucks!!!!
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Old 03-04-2012   #4
Azure's Avatar

Not quite sure if I like your texture choices. From those screenshot's I see things are pretty flat. I'll play the entire wad and give a review later on.

Well I took the time to play the wad. I must say you do have a decent start here, but you still have to work on a few things.

For the first act I really disliked the ceiling height of some rooms. The first room you enter with the waterfall and that small stream, I figured that you should work on that room some more. Overall the map has a decent size. I disliked the look of some of the waterfalls. Some of the walls looked flat and the level generally lacked detail. I don't know but it seemed to me like you made up for the lack of detail with all the decorations you placed. This can be especially seen on act 2. Speaking of which I hated the look of that huge water fall at the start of the act. I also found out that it was easy to go in circles and at times I also got lost. Try doing something about this by placing arrows or other signals. Then there are the textures. The textures in act 2 look horrendous, no offense. I really encourage you to change them to something better. I highly suggest you fix that huge waterfall in act 2. It was way too flat for me. Well I'll stop here(I'll add onto this later on).

Last edited by Azure; 03-04-2012 at 03:52 AM.
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Old 03-04-2012   #5
The Emblem Guy!
furythehog's Avatar

Ok well, I put it here for the purpose of suggestions so, Metal Fighter, if you could, can you mention the places you got lost on? Oh, and the large texture problem with SFZ2, I plan to fix when 2.1 comes out (if it does) as they mentioned bigger GFZ textures for the larger rooms of GFZ2, which I will use then myself, and regarding the wateralls, define 'flat' better please.
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