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Old 12-03-2009   #301
The man with no plan.
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I keep getting a sigsev when trying to run the game.

Hope that helps!
Originally Posted by Grazon
For one to beat this game so perfectly one must have no life.
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Old 12-05-2009   #302
Back, and 20% better!
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I keep SIGSEGVing while starting up the game. The error is EIP=005570f0. Quote this message if you know why.
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Old 12-13-2009   #303
Cyan Ryan

I was playing Nimbus Ruins in someone's netgame, this was completely random, the whole server crashed.
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Old 12-20-2009   #304
Goes by Kirboy in netgames
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When you put Teamscramble on in coop, The game spams you saying "This is for match/CTF" so fast that the command line doesn't accept anymore commands.
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Old 12-20-2009   #305
ArchPack developer
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Originally Posted by Srb2kirbyo View Post
When you put Teamscramble on in coop

"3" is not a possible value for "teamscramble"
This command cannot be used outside of Team Match or CTF.
This command cannot be used outside of Team Match or CTF.
This command cannot be used outside of Team Match or CTF.
No more place in the buffer for netcmd 4
localtextcmd is 255
nparam is 4
This command cannot be used outside of Team Match or CTF.
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Old 12-21-2009   #306
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My SRB2 is on the fritz, I turn it on it stays for about 5 sec., then crashes, with no explanation. I'm gonna restart my computer, but if it does not work, I'll edit my post to say so.
Edit: no, it still refuses to work.
EDIT: Re-downloaded, still won't work!
EDIT:I'm a idiot, forgot about what I did to my auto script to quit after 35 tics, never mind.
Well crap I can't change my username.

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Old 01-01-2010   #307

There were like a billion people in the server at the time so who knows if it was me, but while gilding overtop of somebody, I hit them at close range with a scatter, and whammo went the SIGSEGV. EIP=32373639
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Old 01-02-2010   #308
Fred's Avatar

In first-person, with reversed gravity, after landing from a jump the "camera" does a noticeable vertical jitter. It doesn't seem to happen when landing after running off a ledge, bouncing on something, etc, neither does it happen in normal gravity.

EDIT almost 4 months later: Didn't occur to me at the time, but it probably has to do with how the viewpoint is positioned relative to the player's hitbox. It becomes shorter when jumping, and reverse gravity, well, flips stuff vertically, so...

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Old 01-03-2010   #309
Chaos Zero 64
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[00:19] <CZ64> That red spring shoots you to a yellow spring, and that one shoots you near the two horizontal platforms and the last checkpoint.
[00:20] <CZ64> That last spring is angled so you only see the platforms. I think it's misleading, since that's the way back.

Originally Posted by Bigboi View Post
Personally, if SEGA makes a nice sum of cash, they're doing their job well. They don't need to appeal to hordes of manchildren that are pissed that some kid games aren't fun to play.
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Old 01-05-2010   #310
123 Runite
Wait for it... *BANG*
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No laser under continuous moving ceiling sectors in ERZ2:

And, I don't know if this was intentional, but there are also missing half light blocks in the same sectors, for example:

ERZ2: In the final "elevator" that brings you to the end, once the doors of the elevator close and simulation of actual movement starts, if you were to run into the walls until the doors finally opened, you would be sent above the ceiling of the anticipated target sector. Once you're there, there is no way out as you are stuck "in the ceiling." Images below:

You can literally go through a part of the scrolling walls of the elevator door. This is probably because there is no valid blockmap due to the level's massive size. This may also be the reason why you're able to be teleported outside the target area.

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Old 01-06-2010   #311
123 Runite
Wait for it... *BANG*
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RVZ: First strip of lava right after the rising lava area at the beginning, there is a sector that is missing lava. Images below:

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Old 01-09-2010   #312
ArchPack developer
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Originally Posted by 123 Runite View Post
RVZ: First strip of lava right after the rising lava area at the beginning, there is a sector that is missing lava.
Coords: -5650, -1383, 2472

2) RVZ - Damage sector is needed?

Sector #31 has Damage - Generic. Well, I thought lava did all work.

3) Map tool is broken in DEVMODE

I know map tool is broken (with DEVMODE ON) for large maps, but for those maps not that large, this tool has some weird glitches.

This is Mill Citadel Zone 2 for Arch Pack 0.4. Its dimensions:

North-most point: 3104, 15744
East-most point: 14624, 3424
South-most point: -672, -13408
West-most point: -15360, 7040 (if the map spans a bit more than here, I have a spring that starts to bump the player in wrong angle)
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Old 01-10-2010   #313

Some decorative errors:
In CEZ2 near the knuckles emblem, there is a random GFZ texture.

In DSZ1 near the knuckles emblem after you press the platform the emblem is on to make the pillars go down, there are gaping holes of air where the pillars used to be.
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Old 01-11-2010   #314
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I was playing SRB2 2.0.4 and was going through ACZ1. I was at the part with the two gondolas. While I was on the second one and I was about to jump off of it. It decided to do this instead:

Read the MB Rules:

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Old 01-12-2010   #315
Official Community CoatRack
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If a level has a lindef exe that runs on level load it will cause anyone who joins when they are in the level to get a sigsev.

I have found four bugs in GFZ2:

In this screen shot, you can see a HOM to Knuckle's right.

Here we see that this cliff is to high for Knuckles to jump over normally, thus forcing him to climb up it.

See above. Also, the same thing happens once you get pass the slope, but I didn't take a screenshot of it.
Originally Posted by Pinkie Pie
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Old 01-14-2010   #316
footure semen
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I apoligize if these have already been mentioned, but...

Set the default:
Jump Button to Space
MS to
* You were kicked from #SRB2Fun by Rob (You know what? Go fuck yourself.)

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Old 01-14-2010   #317
ArchPack developer
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I was playing ERZ3 in multiplayer. Me jumping here and there. BrakEggman there and here. And then, suddenly, the unthinkable happens:

You had to see BrakEggman "slipping" and falling off the platform. That was funny :D.
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Old 01-16-2010   #318
ArchPack developer
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Just got sigsegv


What I was doing: playing CEZ1 as Tails (normal), carrying a Supersonic player (with attraction shield). We were flying over sector #919. Cheats on. Arch Pack added.
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Old 01-19-2010   #319
Emblem Radar Ready
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If you copy the Maincfg thingy "Precutscenenum" from one Level header to another in the same maincfg, it links itself to the cut scene where it came from and messes up anything after it.

Edit, Bug correction
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Old 01-22-2010   #320
Just being himself
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As you can see, i found this bug by f12 someone and then this happens.



Egg Rock Zone 1 is full of bugs. I hope I helped showing these screenshots.
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