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Default No multiplayer option and data transfer

Question 1:
So I downloaded the newest version of the game (full installation as I had 2.1.14 previously).

I went to go and play multiplayer but it only has the local option but I want to play on the online multiplayer but there's no option for it. Why would that be?
I looked around for the server number input but I can't find it. Has online multiplayer been removed or something?
(Resolved, used the srb2win.exe file instead of srb2dd)

Question 2:
Can I transfer my save data to the newest version, I worked really hard on what I got and don't want to do it all over again. I can transfer my main mode data so I can continue where I left off but I don't know how to transfer the data that counts how many emblems I've collected, time trial records and secrets.
Is it possible to transfer previous data to the new game?

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Quick question for you: Are you using the srb2dd.exe executable? Net-play is disabled in the old "direct-draw" backend, while it's still there in the SDL2 backend (srb2win.exe). This is in order to get more feedback on the SDL2 backend to fix bugs and such, as the old "direct-draw" backend will officially be cut from version 2.2 and onwards, or something along those lines.

As for retaining saved data besides singleplayer saves, I'm pretty sure it should work fine if you just use the "gamedata.dat" file from your old installation, while the singleplayer saves are stored as "srb2savX.ssg", with the X being replaced by numbers.

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