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Default Sonic Megamix is not dead

While i was trying to find a download link for Sonic Megamix,i found this, it has a lot of new updates this time so i'm happy.
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Sergeant Brown
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Cool story mate.

But didn't we have a topic already for Sonic Megamix, or did it get locked?
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typicality nonsensical
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JEV3 created a Megamix thread back in August of '08 after the recent events that the people who created the game decided to end the project short. The thread wasn't locked; just another case of thread inactivity, after about only a month after it was started.

I haven't really played much Sonic Megamix. It is an ambitious attempt to rework Sonic 1 (Genesis/MD), and it's a well-known and well-praised Sonic hack. I'm sure those new to modifications would play this and like it quite well. I haven't gotten the Sega CD version to work, but I liked what I played so far. It doesn't really matter that much if it's far from an ideal release/incomplete, just as long as it can be fun to play (Q. E. D. -> SRB2).
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I am fairly impressed to know THIS much is changing for the next version. Sonic Megamix was honestly always a romhack I enjoyed. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with it, but I always preferred Sonic's modern moveset, yet I enjoyed the 2D games still. Megamix was great for what I wanted, so having this little speck of awesome for the new version is pretty good. I do hope it's done quick, despite the label on that release. Megamix v4 is pretty damn old now.
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I've always liked Megamix. The level design of the first zones especially exploits the insane amount of speed that the characters easily gather, and there's plenty of normal platforming too. I can't wait to see Starry Night and the other revamped levels.
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