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Default Mario Koopa Blast Unlock doesn't work

I collected all 20 emblems required to unlock Mario Koopa blast, it shows up in the bonus levels; but when I open it, It closes out of the game with a message that says that I need to unlock the level first! Please help, I've wanted to play Mario Mode for, forever!

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In 1.09.4, you had to unlock this by collecting all emeralds and finish Single player mode. I'm affraid that they forgot to change that to only 20 emblems.

So to unlock in 2.0.6 untill it is fixed, you will need 20 emblems and finish sp with all emeralds.
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Could you upload your gamedata.dat for me to confirm this, jcokeinfinity?
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Actually, this has been around for quite a while now. I remember making a thread describing this as well. It turns out that you gotta finish single player first.
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Here's the bug: src/f_finale.c and src/p_setup.c
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Nice find.
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