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It's really inconvenient that the server appears to have died...
Sometimes in netgames, known as Pantheon.
Originally Posted by #srb2fun
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aka SpiritCrusher
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Fire Flight Zone by fawfulfan - 7/10
I don't like NiGHTS Mode to begin with, so I'm not gonna rate this one. All I can say is that it looks really nice, but drags on for too long. EDIT: Just to be nice to Arf, I'm gonna rate this anyway. Other people have done a better job at reviewing this.

Dark Forest Zone by Videogame9 - 1/10
Come on, tell me this is a joke. This is nothing but a bunch of square platforms.

Jadeflower Zone, Act 1 by blahblahbal - 2/10
Now come on, this isn't a real level either. Vast stretches of nothing at all, tons of visual glitches and very narrow bridges don't make a level that's fun to play at all. Also, what's the point of having three End Level Signs?

Cloud Cradle by D00D64 - 4/10
What do this map and Not A Thokfest Zone have in common? They both use the same spring bouncing gimmick. The difference: You seem to be dead serious about it. The problem with this level is that many gimmicks are utterly frustrating and annoying. Most failures result in death, and the lack of star posts make this even worse. If it wasn't for setlives, I would've given up pretty soon. However, the rope pulley section was rather creative, and the visuals were quite nice, so this wasn't a complete failure. Just try to be a bit more forgiving next time you make a level.

Water Works Zone by Kyasarin - 7/10
Now this is what I call an interesting theme. In terms of visuals, this level is top notch. The theme is really creative, and a lot of the rooms are simply fun because they look so great. This is even more important since your gameplay isn't all that involving. You have quite a few nice gimmicks, but nothing terribly mindblowing. There are also a few spots where I find myself doing nothing but running for a little too long. This, and the fact that it was rather linear, is what keep your map from being truly outstanding, but it's enjoyable at least. As a side note, I was surprised how the crawlas didn't annoy me at all. They actually fit a lot better than I thought they would do.

Moonlit Mountain Zone, Act 1 by Darkbob1713 - 8/10
Somewhat similar in style to Water Works Zone: Unique and interesting visuals, nicely flowing and solid, but not particularly outstanding gameplay. However, your map had a bit more depth to it, containing several paths and secrets, and your platforming was bit more involving. So one extra point for you, which is 8 out of 10.
EDIT: I just gave this one another playthrough and I found out that I had actually missed one or two optional paths on my first playthrough. I found the icy zoom tubes to be especially nice.

Lava Rock Zone by Eggmanfan - 0/10
And to round things off, another disaster. This one is slightly more terrible though, because it doesn't even have a thok barrier and is impossible to complete. I'd like to point out that the rings are not completely useless because the falling lava does not insta-kill you.

All in all, a pretty abysmal single player rotation, even if there were two very solid maps.

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Why did they remove Grey
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Single player voting! Even though multiplayer needs it more, but that's because no one will set up a server with a big netgame.

Fire Flight Zone!
Rather pretty and shows tons of effort, even if the item placement isn't the best. It's also horribly linear and gets a bit repetitive later on, but it's a worthwhile NiGHTS level to be sure. Making it shorter would also help, either that or place more then one mare. lol 500 time

Dark Forest Zone!
Did that thing just snipe me from half way across the map? Even more, did I just stumble into Bad Copy & Paste The Same Sectors & Things Zone? Was also a lot shorter then I expected. And way too dark. Good god people, mind the brightness setting. Castle Eggman is bad enough.

Jadeflower Zone!
Anything I could say has been said by people before me. The laughable RO music makes me want to forget this ever existed, which just totally demotivates me from putting any sort of comment on it other then this one.

Cloud Cradle Zone!
I loved the lighting, and the design seemed okay. The actual platforming was not however. It was pretty hard, in a bit of a blandish type of way. Making jumps that you can only just barely reach by the fracunit isn't very fun in my experience. It had some cool challenges though. The boss was really nice, if a bit haphazard. The Jetty Syns throwing bomb rings was also kinda neat, even if I remember doing that myself a while back...

Water Works Zone!
Why is this three levels? I thought the general rule was one level at a time now. And why can I not play this in single player, the very category it was meant for?
First off, the start of the "first level" I guess, starts off really badly. The main reason for this being the fact that you can't play this in single player mode, where you rejoice at the abundance of level resetting; there's very little rings at the start, and a massive group of enemies. In coop mode, what tends to happen is that one person beasts all the rings at the start forcing the other people to constantly do this area with no rings for the start of the map. What makes it worse is that the level starts underwater and while there's a lot air bubbles, there's three times as many enemies meaning getting one is a large chore if someone hasn't already cleared the area. And from what I saw of the map until I game over'd a third time, practically the entire level does this. I don't care HOW good you are at SRB2, this is still bad level design. Maybe I didn't look hard enough for the secrets, but in all honesty, I didn't have the patience to complete the level first like I usually do. Usually the secrets aren't mandatory. I'll admit, the level looks great, has some fun designs, and generally shows a lot of effort. But I can't live with this map. Maybe I'm not as uber godly as the rest of the people that have played it, maybe I'm not "serious" enough to play it the right way, or maybe I just simply don't have the patience, but I found myself quitting after the third game over on the sheer fact that it was getting frustrating, and if I can't play a level casually without being bs'd into being killed because a retarded enemy spam got the best of me and there wasn't a single damn ring for miles, then it's not worth playing in my opinion.
No judgement will be passed based on the fact that I didn't play it all the way through and on the assumption that people will just blame me for hate voting if I did. I know people are going to try and prove me wrong but really, I'm not gonna listen. I gave this map it's chance. (three of them to be precise)

(...well there goes any hope of having a short vote post)

Moonlit Mountain Zone!
I had to use level select to access the level but that's okay because I was actually able to play the level in single player...
Well, I'm not gonna lie. It's probably the best map in this pack. The scenery was very nice, the paths were nicely laid out, planned well and were very fun. The platforming was really interesting and the thing placement was really good. It was a tad dark in some areas and it made exploration rather difficult. And then there was the part where you were traversing icy platforms above a bottomless pit, which just more or less screams "Ehhh! Obligatory difficulty goes here!!" but it's excused based on the fact that it doesn't look too out of place and branches off in itself later. It was the only level I was actually wanting to replay over. (Nevermind the fact that I was encouraged to by the map naturally looping into itself)

Lava Rock Zone!
I think this sums it up quite nicely:
<JJames19119> lava rock more like arbitrary flat jumping from platform to platform for about a minute straight over roughly 50 platforms before a sudden change from red volcano to egg rock theme for absolutely no reason

That's all folks.
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Originally Posted by JJames19119 View Post
Water Works Zone!
Why is this three levels? I thought the general rule was one level at a time now. And why can I not play this in single player, the very category it was meant for?
It's only one level, it just has three entries in the MAINCFG. Anyway, you should be able to play it in single player by warping to it in the console. From what I read, most of your frustration actually comes from the fact that you played it in coop. The level really isn't hard at all.
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Emblem Radar Ready
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It's usually a good idea to have the level some where that the player can find it in game without having to open the console or the wad file. Or if you prefer to have it where it currently is at least put the map number in the file name.
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Dang, I was way off when I said this contest may not have many levels. Anyways, here's my votes:

Single Player

Fire Flight Zone by fawfulfan: 7/10
A pretty decent level that does have its flaws.

-level looks very nice
-very long compared to the original unlockable level

-very repetitive hazards that don't really add fun to the level

Dark Forest Zone by Videogame9: 2/10
Um, wow... when I finished the level I could've sworn there was gonna be a second act.

-somewhat (not really) challenging as Sonic

-WAY too short
-just by the looks of it, Tails and Knuckles can do this flawlessly
-design looks rushed
-enemies are just put at random places

Jadeflower Zone, Act 1 by blahblahbal: 2/10
I can't even describe this level in pros and cons. It's just a bunch of large, empty spaces that don't really add much to the level, there could've been a lot more to this level if more obstacles, enemies, etc were added to it. That, and the level it fairly short.

Cloud Cradle by D00D64: 4/10
Why is it called Cloud Cradle again?

-could be fun for players who can actually beat this

-WAY I repeat WAAAAAY too hard as Sonic, if not impossible
-very annoying enemies that just kill you unfairly
-this level is just not for average players like me

Water Works Zone by Kyasarin: 9/10
An excellent level overall.

-excellent design
-had a very fun time playing
-not too difficult, nor too easy
-nice gimmicks here and there

-feels somewhat cramped (not REALLY cramped)

Moonlit Mountain Zone, Act 1 by Darkbob1713: 10/10
My favorite of all the single player levels.

-beautiful design
-everything including enemies are well placed
-i like the different paths you can take
-many neat gimmicks
-nice, long, and deep

None... what is there to complain about??

Lava Rock Zone by Eggmanfan: 0/10
An awful mashup of two levels, easily the worst level in here.


-repetitive bright textures hurt and make you blind
-very cheap and lazily done gimmicks such as the rediculously slow crusher and falling lava
-nothing in the level makes this challenging besides the red and yellow crushers
-very short and basic, with nothing unique to it whatsoever


Alright, I simply cannot vote on these, there are way too many. x_x
I WILL play them on netgames though to see how good they are.
Not sure what to put here.

Add me on Steam!

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Little Djermy
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Default Single Player Review

Here is mah single player review:

Dark Forest Zone: 0/10
A bad level where the design is non existent.
Pros: None.
Cons: Bad platforming, extremely unfair hazards (snails firing lasers in a level where there's barely any solid ground...what?), too many emerald tokens just shoved in, a tree trunk where the only exit is death, ludicrously short although here that's a good thing because the level isn't fun in any way shape or form. Make it go away, please.

Jade Flower Zone Act I: 1/10
An empty level where there is no gameplay to speak of.
Pros: Slightly improved over what I played in Mystical Heavens...slightly.
Cons: Long flat hallways with repetitive textures, huge flat rooms with barely any scenery, boring absence of gameplay, more than a few occurrences of Hall of Mirrors, weird problem where textures in the rest of the game are turned into waterfalls that hurt you, unnecessary .dat file. Keep trying, dude.

Cloud Cradle Zone: 5/10
Probably could have been a great level, if it weren't so unfairly difficult.
Pros: Interesting texture choices in the beginning, custom enemies, great music choice.
Cons: Extremely (almost unfairly) difficult, platforming with blue springs makes most jumps near impossible, placement of turret guns prompts frustrating lack of progression, room with enemy bouncing is near impossible with Sonic (or any characters like him) because of lack of depth perception.

Fire Flight Zone: 8/10
A great NIGHTs level that just needs a bit of texture and hazard variation.
Pros: Great flowing level, Nice difficulty curve that's not too easy and not too difficult, cool texture choices in most areas, level detail is nice, great music, Nice length for a NIGHTS stage. Carry on, Fawfulfan.
Cons: Textures get repetitive after a while, overuse of flamejets.

Moonlit Mountain Zone Act I: 9/10
A great flowing level that just feels good to play.
Pros: Very nice size level, multiple paths to promote replay value, nice texture variation, great music choice, fun platforming (for a while), nice use of vertical water currents.
Cons: Feels a little bland after a while, no other real gameplay elements, although to its credit, actually makes the level feel more like it's not trying to desperately impress you.

Lava Rock Zone: 0/10
A horrible mish-mash of bad platforming and horrible gimmicks.
Pros: What?
Cons: Boring, generic platforming, repetitive textures, absence of any engaging gameplay, overuse of insta-kill gimmicks (lava, crushers, empty voids), glitched out section of first part where if you take the red springs you ride up an invisible water block that eventually gets you stuck on another set of springs that eventually kills you from drowning. Playtest your levels first.

Water Works Zone: 10/10
An excellent level that feels like there was true heart put into its design.
Pros: Great music, engaging level, multiple paths promote replay value, challenging gimmicks, great music choice, no frustrating enemy placement.
Cons: None, really.

And there we go. I'm not doing multiplayer because there are too many maps...and I don't play online...
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Okay, SP maps now:

Fire Flight Zone: 8/10

''I hate flame jets!''

While I'm not really a fan of NiGHTS this level is really nice and good to play with! One thing which annoyed me was the cheap flame jet placement, though.

Dark Forest Zone: 1/10

''Wow, this is just a set of platform jumping. Lame!''

Read the above for the truth, this level is TOO dark and extremely boring. Oh, and non climbable walls are fail. Moving on...

Jade Flower Zone: 2/10

''Flat, bland, boring and WAY too open.''

''*At the end* Got End Sign?''

Okay, how many times have I've seen this level? Each one of them was a dissapointment and this is no exception. I did like the music though, what is it?

Cloud Cradle Zone: 5/10

''Okay, Jetty Syns are already a HUGE pain in the ass, but this one really takes the cake!''

Well, the level and the lighting looked nice, but the platforming was annoying; and those Jetty Syns (Which shoot Bomb rings WTF) and Turrets didn't make it any easier. Eggy is a big cheapskate, he shoots two freakin' bomb rings at once and when he gets hit he shoots a Grenade ring at you top speed! Oh, and lol Sonic-X-Treme music.

Water Works Zone: 8/10

''I hate water, but this one is an exception... somewhat.''

Wow. WOW I say. This level is great, it has a good flow and beautiful scenery and it just feels right.

Moonlit Mountain Zone: 9/10

''I love the moon, mountains and blue. And now they're in one package! Yay!''

...Oh. My. Pork. This level is absolutley great! The custom stuff is nice and those textures are beautiful. The level flows nice and this is the best level in the pack! But, slippery ice above a deathpit is not cool. Oh, and this level would've looked nicer if the background has had that blue starred background.

Lava Rock Zone: 0/10

''Err... can someone tell me how this wound up in here?''

I'm not even going to bother to explain it.

...Oh, well okay. Why did you use instant kill lava? You don't do that. That moving barrier at the end of the level almost kept me from finishing if it weren't for the fact that I used Knuckles.

Hmm... an average one this time.
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Thunder Coil -- Concept/Alpha Creator Commentary
Yeah, the emerald spawn point is half my fault, I should have looked at the map closer when I got the newer cooler version from ZarroTsu.
Now, I want everyone to understand what very little I did for the map, also.
Basically, all I did is make the basic concept, and a small alpha version with very little of the detail/platforms that make the map what it is today. Therefore, ZarroTsu gets 70% or higher of the credit here. Though I might have been more help if I didn't have my computer disconnected by my parents for 2 days (the ones that he basically finished the map in) so they could use my desk to fix my grandparent's computer.

Sky Castle -- Creator Commentary
Just something I threw together real quick to get it into OLDC, and I already have a list of things I need to fix:
  • Fix Checkpoint after lava to be a starpost activator. I really have no idea how I forgot that.
  • Re-do front stretch. I'm going to make it shorter, and cut out the thokfest part of the map.
  • Add more details. Although the map has a little lag in it already, It's still very bland when it comes to detail in some parts.
Anyway, IMO it's not bad for something thrown together in the last day before voting, and that started as a joke "Castle Thokfest" map as an answer to Mystic's "NOT A THOKFEST ZONE" map.
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aka PrismaticAngel

I want to say one thing about Ash's ASZ, it's just that age old Flying Shrine Zone level with somethings added.
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To save time and effort on everyone involved, I'm using checkboxes instead of saying the same thing over and over again.

Fire Flight Zone by fawfulfan - 7/10

[_] Good job with that filename
[_] Nice to see people still play as Knux!
[_] I hate dying
[X] Repetitive

Other comments:
I really missed having an open, explorable layout to run around in as regular Sonic. Also you just started spamming the circles instead of actually thinking about how to put down items, which just made it boring.

Dark Forest Zone by Videogame9 - 1/10

[X] Good job with that filename
[X] Nice to see people still play as Knux!
[X] I hate dying
[X] Repetitive

Other comments:
ctrl+a noclimb

Jadeflower Zone, Act 1 by blahblahbal - 3/10

[_] Good job with that filename
[X] Nice to see people still play as Knux!
[_] I hate dying
[X] Repetitive

Other comments:
Seriously, running around at top speed does NOT constitute as good gameplay. Also, you and your custom savedata need to take a hike.

Cloud Cradle by D00D64 - 6/10

[_] Good job with that filename
[X] Nice to see people still play as Knux!
[X] I hate dying
[X] Repetitive

Other comments:
The only thing I particularly enjoyed about this level was breaking the structure with Knuckles. Everything else was pretty bad.

Water Works Zone by Kyasarin - 6/10

[X] Good job with that filename
[X] Nice to see people still play as Knux!
[X] I hate dying
[X] Repetitive

Other comments:
Is it just me, or is this a downgrade from the beta I played? I didn't find any alternate paths, and the level itself is mostly the same. What happened? Also it still has the same problems I outlined earlier when you gave me the beta, so you really don't get any credit here.

Edit: Okay, I found the alternate path, but it didn't add enough content at all.

Moonlit Mountain Zone, Act 1 by Darkbob1713 - 8/10

[X] Good job with that filename
[_] Nice to see people still play as Knux!
[_] I hate dying
[_] Repetitive

Other comments:
Best level in the contest. The layout looks like all three characters would enjoy it, there's actual gameplay, and it looks pretty to boot. This was also the only level in the contest which I wanted to come back to after I finished it.

Lava Rock Zone by Eggmanfan - 1/10

[X] Good job with that filename
[X] Nice to see people still play as Knux!
[X] I hate dying
[X] Repetitive

Other comments:
The only way to describe my agony is with song.
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Oh well.
MP Rating(Incomplete.)

-Lava Fort Zone-5/10
This was a good map. It's just the elemental shields that ruined half the map.

A good map. But really cramped inside the bases.

-Metropolis Madness-9/10
Overall, it's a nice map. Though some parts were cramped.

It DOES look like a good map. But it was one of those "too laggy to be played" maps.

More some other time.
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Funny that JJames would criticize my level for being too hard, when I've gotten numerous complaints about it being too easy.
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I hate this username :(
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Neither of the complaints are true, IMO.
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BEFORE ANY OF YOU START TEARING ME APART: 5 is average, so stuff above it is notable. To avoid any kind of bias, I decided to read the topic after writing my stuff in notepad, so if you see any retarded line breaks, you know who to blame.

Dark Forest Zone:
This seems as the result of somebody trying to strip down platformers to their very core.
Have platforms and make some obstacle force you to keep jumping. It's a commendable task, if I didn't feel the guy here completely misunderstood platforming, and wouldn't surprise that this ain't platforming but an albino rhinoceros wearing a Beatles trenchcoat.
Needless to say, short, bland, boring.


Cloud Cradle:
hoooo boy
So yeah, this level also tried to pander to the very basics of platformers, and it
seems MUCH better than dark forest zone. But that isn't too high a bar to jump...
This level is mean and horrible to you. The gimmicks are unfair. This level will treat you like ****, and it hates you, it would punch you in the face, kick your corpse, and leave without paying his part of the tab.
Maybe I'm just terrible, but it took me about 5 replays to finally beat this.

So, on to some actual criticisms, this map is very bland when it comes to landscape design. They are just floating cubes! (And to add insult to the injury, for decoration, there are floating bloacks simulating buildings or something). It all lacks detail and seems lazy.

But the gameplay will make up for it, right? Not really. There are gimmicks that are a good idea, but were executed bad. For example, there's a wall of jetty sins covering the entrance to a hallway. A snail kills them with a laser from behind, playing a mock Breakout. What's the point? Since to get to the entrance covered by those jettys, you'll have to jump. And jumping kills them. There is no real necessity for the snail killing them, or they being there at all. They are just cannon fodder.

You can fight a recolored jetty that shoots Bomb rings.
Really? Why is it always the same enemy with a different shot? I mean, I liked this one, but everyone just recolors a preexisting enemy and adds in preexisting ammo to use on a preexisting behavior.

Moving on, you can choose the teleport or go behind it for EXPLOURAISHIONS. It's not really fun because there is nothing to explore but a building that will kill you if you go its sides thanks to some cleverly placed springs. Or you can jump down to a giant metal platform, which seems to contain a very bland room with lasers for walls.
Maybe it's an alternate path! Hahaha no, you're stuck now. Kill yourself. (No really, the only way to get outta here, is to kill yourself.)

Later on, there's a conveyor belt with lasers. Seems pretty goo- oh **** another turret, ok I'll just move along. Got hit by the last laser, don't freat, while invincible I'll hit those springs. And then in the very top of the arch of the springs, I realize:
"You have to hit the springs at top speed".
MOTHER******! Game over. This is a problem that repeats through the level a lot.
There are springs you have to run at full speed to progress. Why not just a diagonal spring?

The part in which you have to crawla-bop those jettys is bad too. The camera won't help you much (read: won't help you at all) and there's the chance of you falling between the grid of jettys. Tough luck!

The grab-rope-thingy-from-ACZ-but-with-different-graphics also outright SUCKS thanks to the camera. This idea is great (Hell, a lava level by blade used it and flamethrowers for great effect.) Here, you won't be able to see ****. And if you can see the rope you're hanging to, it's impossible to know what the others have in store. I say "**** it" and go with a single rope. If you get hit once, get ready to plunge. Finally, we get to the boss, which is eggman using multiplayer rings to hurt you. And it's actually pretty cool, but it's hard and you don't have much rings left, and there are none in this arena. Hit him with temporary invincibility and he's gone. And so is this leve- wait no!

A teleport! you go into it, and you get the most unrewarding feeling ever:
A very bland room with lasers for walls.
Sound familiar?

Bland decoration, unfair gimmicks, and horrible linearity. new enemies aren't that original, but the most annoying Bomb Jettys are sparse and well used.


Fire Flight:

My god...
This is amazing. Like, it's honestly mouth dropping. NiGHTS mode was put to well use. Even though it could certainly have been better, this level is almost an experience. The detail, even though not too complex, just works due to the wonderful textures, and the thoughtful usage given here. I really felt like I was flying through a volcano filled flaming field. During that moment I was just mildly amused.

And then I entered the volcano.

My mouth dropped. The transition. It was almost too perfect. This simply couldn't be! Having played only the maps up until this point of writing (last three reviews counting this one) I can safely say this moment was the highlight of the show.
How it shifts to black while going in, changing the atmosphere, serving as a great transition to a new area, the insides of these volcanoes. This was just amazing, I honestly felt like I was discovering a hidden palace.

Gameplay wise, there are many moments in which you're doing nothing. But the
object placement is done well. The part in which you surround those pillars and grab the items with that hoop thingy was nice (although a bit overdone nearing the end).
Another criticism point is that, sometimes, the flamethrowers will do nothing to Super Sonic. You can also dive into lava unharmed. Hell, you're the freaking Super Sonic.

The problem though, is the collision detection seems to fgsfds up with flamethrowers (You can even thok through them as Sonic, sometimes) and it made me think I was invincible up until a very unfortunate part.

The palace part of the level got very long, very fast. The part with the staircase (which should have been missing chunks to make it cooler) was a fun way to integrate gameplay and looks together, but after that, the whole thing felt pretty bland, which is quite a contrast with the beautiful scenery preceding it. Also, too much flamethrowers.

And that's about it. There are far too many moments in which you do nothing (collecting items, evading obstacles, whatev) some bland areas, glitchy flamethrowers (you aren't to blame for this one) a bit overuse of flamethrowers (this one, you are). But other than that this level is one of the closest things to an experience I had to play in SRB2.
Good job.


JadeFlower Zone:

Nice try. I'm not saying it in the nasally jerk-like voice, but nice try. It's still horribly linear, even though you tried to split paths. That part in which you put a lot of FOFs to make that floating path that twists and turns and has springs. I liked that. But still, there is little to do. Little decoration, little to do. At least you got a semi-working waterslide.
I think I've told you all I can on IRC.


Moonlit Mountain:

Pretty nice map, well done mood, but there was something definately off here.
I don't know, it felt like a pretty "by the book" level, if you know what I mean. The platforming's there, the enemy placement is fine, and there's the waterslide. It could have used some other gimmicks aside from the fountain thingy.
I liked feeling like I was going through the infrastructure of the zoom tubes. But really.
Other than gameplay that is, I liked how the little details add up. I saw that stalactite and was like, "haha, that might explain why there are Ice zoomtubes." The place was a partly frozen mountain. Maybe Blue Mountain zone can take some cues from this level regarding atmosphere.

I can't say a lot. I really really can't. It's above average, but not by much.
(BTW, that waterslide with the crushers? That was fun stuff. Needs more interesting stuff like that).


Lava Rock:

Hands down. Competition winner. I pity whatever level I play after this one, because it won't be able to live up to this greatness, and will be forever under this level's shadow.
Ed Wood... this is your Bela Lugosi.

Joking aside, bland level, some stupid stuff (Making the lava instakill? Really?), complete lack of sense (Why the hell is eggrock music playing now).
About that part in which the level changes the music, I almost **** myself. It felt
like some kind of filter: "Only wusses will quit due to the level sucking. Here's your reward for not falling for them". I was honestly expecting the level to suddendly become complete badass platforming with jaw drapping awesomeness.
Well, it wasn't exactly that, but the latter half felt much more solid. There was this part in which the crushers from ERZ1 left path appeared, only that they were much faster, and I was "HOLY CRAP AAAH". I skillfully jumped over some lasers after blazing through the crushers in a rush. It was exciting and awesome. It's a shame that was the only good point and that it lasted less then 6 seconds.


Water Works:

I was having enormous amounts of expectations and...
they were mostly met.
The level is fun and it looks nice. Great platforming, an almost constant stream of good action, well done decorations (I've always wanted to do some sort of hanging garden and this looks much better than I could have ever thought. Purple is such a beautiful colour and I would've never fathomed of mixing it with green to create such an effective look.)

Another thing I loved were those "Ecosystem rooms", in which you have these stalactites connecting floor with roof. I wish you could've done more stuff with this design other than some isolated rooms to take a break (look, don't touch). The snails on a later one of these were well put.

The level feels great, like you kinda are in a water station. Pumps, pipes, machinery... lasers? What? (They were well done and fun to avoid).

Oh no! Not the bad points!:
An annoyance is how horribly linear the paths are and how little exploration there is.
The most exploration there is is when you go to that broken tube and you fall into a water filled room with death pits (which, coincidentally, was the most annoying due to the little aerial control you have and the goddamn enemies). Seriously, eemies were a ******* pain in this place.
The only real way to get past this part is to play as if you were time attacking and thok like the MOTHER******* FIST OF THE NORTH STAR YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
There is little incentive to be in this room more than 20 seconds because the exploration in there was just jumping to some raised sectors.
Also, snails, god ******* **** **** the ******* but ****ting and ******* ****ing snails. (Dunno, they get old kinda fast and were more a pain than a nice challenge.) Oh and there's a waterslide that leads to a pit, and feels kinda sudden and hard to avoid.

Fun and good looking. Yet linear and short.

OK, that's all there is. Multiplayer, as always, will not be rated by me, oh supreme kamisama. (We don't have fast connections up there in that sky dome thing).
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Race votes for now. Match coming later and CTF/1P if I get time.

MAPR1 - Freaky Factory Zone by RedEchidna -- 6/10

While some parts of this level was cool, some parts like the first room could have been made better. Also, a better way of flipping gravity would be nice.

MAPR2 - Bleeding Green by D00D64 -- 6/10

I thought it was ok, but I missed the first checkpoint alot; try making the Srarpost activator sector longer. The hallway with all of the slime thing moving up and down was annoying. I also got stuck inside of a opening in a rock.

MAPR3 - Quicksand Night Zone by Darkbob1713 -- 7/10

This was pretty good. The rising quicksand part can be slightly annoying as you cannot jump high enough to reach one of the steps some times. It was also fairly short. Otherwise, it was pretty good.

MAPR4 - Not A Thokfest Zone by Mystic -- 7/10

It's a springfest! A neat idea, and is pretty fun. The low hanging ceiling part was a pain, though.

MAPR5 - Digital Dimension Zone by SonicMaster -- 6/10

Also a good map, I however didn't like that first pit. The first time I played I fell into it thinking I could make the jump without using that step. Likewise, the samething happened to me a few times in the last area. More warning after coming out of the Sky part, maybe?

MAPR6 - Sky Castle Zone by Mach -- 3/10

Thokfest. There was also a small maze in it that I got lost in for a bit. One checkpoint is broken. Also could use more detail.

MAPR7 - Crimson Caves Zone by Blade -- My map

Well, this turned out pretty well for being made in 3 1/2 hours. Some of the fire jet placement could use a bit of work, and Knuckles needs his own path. But I am overall happy with it.

Originally Posted by Fawfulfan
Linedef Type 451 - Linedef Executor: Make Level 20% Cooler!
Blade was hit by Inuyasha.
<Blade> osuwari
Inuyasha is no longer super.

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Originally Posted by FuriousFox View Post
Multiplayer pack is up. I hope you all enjoy judging!
I didn't enjoy the level for sure. :/

One was house.wad 2.0. Another was cheap spike traps and bottomless pits.
Another had no rings... BLEH
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Cloud Cradle Zone: 1/10
You got less due to how hard this level is with Sonic. First off I got killed repeatedly. to make matters worse, not even going super helped. once I did finally get past the first hard part the blue springs just made it worse. So I had to switch to Tails.

As Tails I easily got to the first Checkpoint where in I ran into the Jetty-syn Ring bombers. From there, ooh boy, I managed to get through the conveyor with the lazors just fine, but those week springs were too week for Tails' top running speed. and the big gap after that. How is Sonic even suppose to get across? The next gimick was the worse. You say we could rotate the camera, but I couldn't get that to work. Even switching to first person didn't work. (I have that bound to x, thrid person bound to c).

Nearly everyone else had an easy time or a problem with you Robotnik. I had Robotnik hit himself with his bomb rings.

Conclusion: You never tested this.


Fire Flight: 8/10

The only problem I had with this was with the flame throwers and the crushers. In the included video you can see that your crushers do nothing.

SRB2TP (The Past) 1.08 Now Avaiable
Why wouldn't you glide and climb as Super Knuckles?

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The Tortured Planet guy
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I know the crushers do nothing. They're not meant to kill you, just slow you down. And they do slow you down.

BTW, you wanted to know the origin of the music? It's from Spyro 2: Season of Flame. If you notice, I included the author of the music, Robert Baffy, in the opening script.
Just another indie game developer...check out my website, Chapman Games!

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No relaying messages from banned users.

(Ritz received an infraction for this post: Other (See included message))

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