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Default Another Minor Rules Change

This is stuff that was pretty much already considered a rule, but wasn't actually spelled out in writing.

* Don't say someone bumped a topic after someone does. The administration doesn't need Captain Obvious to figure out something anyone with a brain could figure out.
* Don't request WADs. Don't know how that wasn't already in the rules, but it is now.

For the people who like the actual new text:

7. Don't ask someone to create something for you. If you want a WAD of something, make it yourself. Requesting a WAD will lead to a quick ban.

9. Don't bump topics pointlessly. If a topic is more than three weeks old, ask yourself whether your post adds to the conversation or you have a good reason to post in the old topic. The following are _NOT_ good reasons:
  • Asking the author to reupload a file with a broken link.
  • Frivolous statements like "This is cool."
Likewise, do not complain if someone bumps a topic. Mention that the post was a bump, and you'll be banned along with him. The administrators are fully capable of moderating the forums without your help.
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Super mystic sonic
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You're on a roll, Mystic. More changes to come tomorrow?

Okay, that probably sounded as if I totally don't agree. But thats actually the reverse. I'd say most of the rules are just common sense

Alrighty guys, we have heard the complaints about there being too many rules, and we'll limit it to 1. Use common sense. If you do not, your life will be forfeit....or at least your acount.
If you need a reply, contact me on Youtube/Skype.
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