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Home... I'm going home...
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When I played my map, it crashed my computer! :)
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Sonic blue
A work in progress...
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can someone help with 3D?it dosent work
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Old 12-09-2007   #43
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Originally Posted by Mystic
Originally Posted by Shu
What if, by some miracle, your first map is actually pretty good.
Not possible. Seriously. Now, you could fix it later, after a few weeks of goofing off with the editor and learning how to use it, but everyone's "first map ever" is almost universally bad.
Sigh... Mystic, honestly my first map is 3 months in the making and I have non-hands on help. (by that I mean the guys on Jazz's site are helping me with little tip on how to make the map better and I really gotta say it looks good) The first map can be good, just there a really, really low posiablity of that happning
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I agree with Morph.
I made a post? What? Wait...
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