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Default Acid missie emblem

Where i find the emblems?
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They're above you... DUCK!

Na, Use this for help on anything in the game -
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The SRB2wiki does not yet have an article on the Acid Missile emblems. I don't think anyone that found all of them really has the time/motivation to write one up.

I don't really know where any of them are, so I can't help you here.
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A good way to find them, even though this is n00bish, is to look into the wad, and look at the X-Y-Z co-ordinates. Play SRB2 in Devmode while doing this and punch in the coordinates. After you teleport to your destination, memorize the location and re-start your game without Devmode so you can get the emblem without the game thinking it's modified. :P
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Default Re: Acid missie emblem

Ok Thanx!
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