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Blaze The Cat
& Knuckles
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Default Very long replays stop early

This replay of Skytop Zone in SUGOI stops earlier than intended, and the Records website will not accept it, claiming it doesn't finish the level, when it does.

The following symptoms occur when playing for long periods of time (Over an hour at least) on the game itself.

1. As soon as the replay bugs out, the timer itself has issues during game-play.
2. Upon finishing the level, the level completes as normal, and the end-game tally is performed. If you'be broken records before, they will be noted, and the game claims to save them even though it doesn't. Your "last" replay will still exist, however. If you try to play it from the menu, SRB2 complains it cannot replay it.
3. Your score is saved, but your ring maximum is not.
4. complains that your replay does not complete the level.
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This is not really a bug, it's just that the default maximum demo size is 1024 KB. When it gets to 1024 KB, it stops recording because it's over the max demo size.
To get rid of the problem, try running SRB2 with "-maxdemo 16384" parameter.
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