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Dreamscape Gardens (RC4) Details »»
Dreamscape Gardens (RC4)
Version: 4, by roy (Video games!) roy is offline
Developer Last Online: Feb 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (6 votes - 4.33 average)
Released: 01-13-2019 Last Update: 02-19-2019 Installs: 0
Multiplayer Levels SOCs Sprites/Graphics

Dreamscape Gardens is a pack-a levels for SRB2 Kart, it currently only contains one completed cup: Lilac Cup!

It features,
  • 6 race courses, and two battle maps.
  • A friend per course
  • The word "bummer"
Enjoy your dang selves!

Spoiler: music creds
{MAPK1} Desert Dream Zone - Desert Remix - SMWC VLDC7 - By RednGreen
{MAPK2} Adventure Acre Zone - Celestial Valley - Kirby Air Ride
{MAPK3} City Parkway Zone - Area C: Brilliant Show Window - Mega Man ZX - Remix by Lil Boulder
{MAPK4} Nuclear Nova Zone - Ultimate Final Boss - Spark the Electric Jester
{MAPK5} Lilac Conservatory Zone K - Marshmallow Castle - Kirby Super Star - Remix by Brandon Strader, halc
{MAPK6} Butter Battlefield Zone - Rainbow Route - Kirby And The Amazing Mirror - Remix by MistSomething
{MAPK7} ??????? - chip02.mid
{MAPK9} Klik N' Park Zone - Central Roads - Lego Island

{MAPKD} Tempest 2000 - Mind's Eye - By Sinc-X

Download Now

File Type: pk3 KRB_DreamscapeGardens_RC4.pk3 (13.20 MB, 96 views)


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Name:	kart0169.gif
Views:	270
Size:	6.05 MB
ID:	15220   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0170.gif
Views:	212
Size:	6.62 MB
ID:	15221   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0177.gif
Views:	185
Size:	5.12 MB
ID:	15222   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0173.gif
Views:	169
Size:	5.82 MB
ID:	15223   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0174.gif
Views:	160
Size:	6.01 MB
ID:	15224  

Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0175.gif
Views:	141
Size:	2.46 MB
ID:	15225   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0264.gif
Views:	33
Size:	2.75 MB
ID:	16788   Click image for larger version

Name:	kart0265.gif
Views:	24
Size:	1.43 MB
ID:	16789  

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Old 01-13-2019   #2
Worst Ranked 'Kart Player
D00D64's Avatar

Welcome to releases! Sadly, I don't have much to say on every map, but I am always happy to see a whole cup's worth of levels, and a battle map too! I especially liked Nuclear Nova being a rally course.
<RedEnchilada> I remained ignorant to a set of titanic breasts for 17 years!
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Old 01-13-2019   #3
AKA Superjustinbros
AozoraJustin's Avatar

Aay, glad to see these finally ready for racing.
Congrats on the release.
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Old 01-18-2019   #4
Video games!
roy's Avatar

Yo, update time:

MAPK2 - Adventure Acre: Minor layout update near the end. Still figuring out means to keep both map pacing and an end of lap shortcut opportunity available.

MAPK3 - City Parkway: Added a few gimmicks to further seperate it from "Straight line zone"
MAPK4 - Nuclear Nova: Changed collision on overhanging decoration for less bonks.

MAPK5 - Lilac Conservatory K: Updated visuals for the sake of turn clarity and also because it looks prettier.
MAPBUMMER - Additional graphic and layout updates, made death pits actually deadly.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #5
Video games!
roy's Avatar

Hey! It's time to update this thing again! With a NEW STAGE!

This is Doomsday Disco Zone, a battle map that involves crazy flashing lights and techno music.

Other updates include actually remembering to rename some of BUMMER's resources after the map conflict update, as well as support for PK3.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #6
LunarRay's Avatar

So a few minutes ago, the people on my server ran across an issue on Nuclear Nova. On the jump before the finish line, if you are afflicted with Shrink, you will be unable to make it over the deep lava flow on Normal game speed until you are normal size.
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Old 4 Days Ago   #7
Video games!
roy's Avatar

Hey there, 'bout time I updated a few things here.


  • One new course, Klik N' Park Zone!
  • Updated Adventure Acre Zone to lessen the amount of water skip, along with a bit of a graphical update.
  • Nuclear Nova Zone has been updated to account for the shrink monitor not allowing racers to make the final jump.
  • Forgot to add a friend to Butter Battlefield Zone.
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