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Default OpenGL resolution issues

While I know that the Software renderer is the one with more official support, and this is quite possibly a known issue, it's still... shall we say, vexing.

To put it simply, OpenGL refuses to work properly with any resolution above 1280x800. The Software renderer can push 1080p and even 1920x1200 - but it suffers from framerate drops in menus and more intensive levels (on an AMD Athlon II X4 630!) and also just generally looks like garbage, due to its very nature. At least you can look all the way up and down now, even if it makes the renderer puke. While the game is playable at these lower resolutions, the texture warping is distracting. (I should know, on my old crappy PC I used to play at 640x480!)

The OpenGL problem happens if Game Mode is turned on or off, and booting the game standalone rather than through Steam makes no difference either. Unless Xbox DVR is causing this odd resolution issue, it has to be SRB2's own fault - there's no way a GeForce GTX 660 Ti couldn't handle this game. Are there any known netplay-compatible workarounds?
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Do you think you can explain what you mean by "refuses to work properly"? It works just fine for me at 1920x1080. (Granted, I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, not 660 Ti, but still.)
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