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gender collector
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We sent this update to Sal in a Discord server a couple days ago, but she doesn't check those when updating preview wads and I forgot to post this on the MB :shrug:

- fixed OGL having super-long load times with gr_solvetjoin on due to flagrant disregard for Euclidean correctness
- removed attempted workaround for the above
- hid one Unidus in the map since they're all the craze this KAWAIII
- removed an ugly border from a beautiful lesbian message

known bug: the final door doesn't open in debug builds of SRB2 due to an issue altering monitor death behavior. idk how to fix it so just use a non-debug build

also known bug: you can collide with sharps through thin walls. We could fix this by doubling up borders in problematic areas but I cba lol

changed lumps are the map lumps, CBFSIGN1, and LUA_LABO
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Meow Motherfuckers.
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Some changes: (The link isn't updated because I forgot to list these changes)
  • Updated the emblem 4 (the number of the emblem in the standalone wad) location and the tip.
  • Added a new area for emblem 4 inside the map (you can DM me Sal if you want specific location I just don't wanna make any spoilers)
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Old 6 Hours Ago   #303

Decrepit Plant Zone Updates:
  • It's been extended
  • Minuses have been added
  • General Polish
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Old 6 Hours Ago   #304
Emblem Radar Ready
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updated magmore one last time
and now the level has a level icon. If you need a full size screen shot, let me know.
SRB2TP (The Past) 1.08 Now Avaiable
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Old 5 Hours Ago   #305
Monster psychic cat
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updated redcurrants
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Online name is Michael
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Abandoned City is Updated :

-Added 1 Random Monitor and 20 Rings.
in the Building at the begin of the cave part.

the wad is updated in first post.
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Steel Titanium
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Updated Midnight Shores
Extended it a bit, added a alt path and added a ring emblem. Also to TehRealSalt, I removed the duplicate states of the objects.
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