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Hornmod - a script that makes noise Details »»
Hornmod - a script that makes noise
Version: 1, by TyroneSama TyroneSama is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (11 votes - 4.91 average)
Released: 03-08-2019 Last Update: Never Installs: 1
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Press the Item button with no item to honk.

  • 99+ incredibly abrasive noises
  • i've gay

Spoiler: Instructions

play a race lol

Spoiler: Customization

You're probably better off reading the script yourself, but here's a quick overview for hosts.

hornobnoxious: Controls spam protection behavior. When On, spamming players are warned to shut up, then explode and respawn. When Off, instead of exploding, the player's horn is muted for all other players until they back off.
hornwarning: Threshold at which a spamming player gets the yellow warning message.
horndanger: Threshold at which a spamming player gets the red danger message.
hornlethal: Threshold at which a spamming player is killed, or silenced if hornobnoxious is off.
hornwarningreset: Time required with no horns for spam protection to reset.
hornexplosions: Controls the explosion effect. This is mostly for people who have trouble telling mines and spamming 14-year-olds apart.
hornmaxexplosions: Closes a player's game if they explode this many times in one race. Go somewhere else.

hornvisual: Controls the yellow flash when horns are triggered.
horntypeoverride: Makes all horns the same type, regardless of what a player's selected. This is a meme option and probably makes the horn selection UX kind of confusing.
horntypechaos: Makes all horns random each time they're triggered. Same disclaimer as above.
hornshowhelptext: Controls end-of-race command help. If you're using either horntypeoverride or horntypechaos as a permanent option instead of a one-off meme, you might want to set this to mitigate people getting confused about why horn changes don't work. (Players familiar with HORNMOD will still complain. WONTFIX)
hornattenuate: Post-race horns from players that didn't win are moved by this amount—this is a terrible horrible no good very bad volume hack because the native way of playing sounds at given volumes doesn't work unless the origin is yourself. I love video games.

Weird Admin Nonsense:
horndebug: Floods console with debug print and displays spam-prevention variables on the game screen. Reminder: this is a netvar.
horntattle: Spies on horn-related events, like horn changes and antispam detonations, in a way that's a little less extreme than horndebug. Only prints for admins.

Spoiler: Expansions

Scripts loaded after HORNMOD can call "HORNMOD_AddHorns" to bolt their own awful meme sounds onto the existing list. HORNMOD will handle allocating these, just make sure the files are actually present.
HORNMOD_AddHorns({name = "sfx_foo", info = "Horn Example"}, {name = "sfx_ivegay", "info = "i've gay", extags = "this is used for searches but not displayed"})

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File Type: pk3 KL_HORNMOD1.pk3 (1.74 MB, 343 views)


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Old 03-08-2019   #2
Wolfy's Avatar

I feel like I've given this enough testing (at the expense of my sanity) to comfortably put this through. I guess over a month of public beta testing paid off after all!

At last, now you too can experience the joy of soundspam rivaling TF2 admin abuse circa-2012!
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Old 03-08-2019   #3
Constructive Asshole
Namolos's Avatar

Thanks, I hate it.
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