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Bump Taunt - Additional satisfaction for ruining other racers Details »»
Bump Taunt - Additional satisfaction for ruining other racers
Version: v1.2, by Namolos (Constructive Asshole) Namolos is offline
Developer Last Online: Mar 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Kart Rating: (1 votes - 3.00 average)
Released: 02-22-2019 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
Scripts Re-Useable Content

For those of you that enjoy bullying others (in Kart at least! Don't bully people in real life! That's no good!), I give you this small thing.

With this script, your character will be more of an a****le about any misfortune you cause. Whenever you bump another racer into a death pit, spinout hazard (including other racers' bananas, etc), or squish hazard, your character will taunt with either a custom taunt sound or your HitEm sound.

Per suggestion/request, support for custom taunts has been added! Adding a custom taunt will cause your character to play said custom taunt sound when the right conditions are met, as opposed to just using the HitEm sound. An example PK3 has been added for download that gives the main 5 characters custom bump taunts. Instructions on how to add a custom taunt for a character are below.

While it shouldn't cause any game breaking problems, if you load any files containing custom taunt scripting before this mod itself, you'll not only get script errors but the taunts will not be added. If any characters custom taunts "aren't working" then make sure you are loading things in the correct order.

While you can easily support this for your character by just adding the sound and Lua to your character, doing so will make them unplayable in record attack! If you wish to support this, I instead suggest you either make a separate WAD/PK3 that only includes the sound and Lua needed, or make an alternate version of your character that includes the needed sound and Lua.

Spoiler: Documentation
To add a custom taunt, you only need 1 little line (minimum) of Lua and the sound itself.

AH_addCustomTaunt("sonic", "sfx_tntsnc")
You can also add multiple sounds at once in the same file, which can be useful for character packs.

AH_addCustomTaunt("sonic", "sfx_tntsnc")
AH_addCustomTaunt("tails", "sfx_tnttls")
AH_addCustomTaunt("knuckles", "sfx_tntkte")
AH_addCustomTaunt("eggman", "sfx_tntegg")
AH_addCustomTaunt("metalsonic", "sfx_tntmtl")
For WADs: Add your sound effect and Lua file to your wad in a wad editor (such as SLADE).

Your sound effect must be prefixed as DS<NAME>, where <NAME> is any 1-6 character name. The name itself should match the sound effect you're allocating in the script (Ex: DSTNTSNC = "sfx_tntsnc"). Most of you wad makers are likely already aware of how these work.

Your Lua file must be prefixed as LUA_NAME, where NAME is any 1-4 character name.

For PK3s: Add your sound effect under the Sounds/ directory, and your Lua file under the Lua/ directory using a supported editor.

Like with WADs, your sound effect must be prefixed as DS<NAME>, where <NAME> is any 1-6 character name and should match the sound you're allocating.

For PK3s, Lua files can be named however you like, as long as it's under the Lua/ directory. I suggest using
some form of kl_<filename>.lua relating to the character you're adding taunts to for both housekeeping and
limiting the chance of conflict.

If you've done all of this correctly, loading your wad/pk3 (AFTER LOADING THIS MOD!) will grant said character a unique bump taunt!

Now, head for the race track and taunt your victims!

Spoiler: Credits
Sounds for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman are all from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (ripped by Chaofanatic)
Sound for Metal Sonic is from Sonic Rivals (ripped by auroraknux)

All sounds were obtained from and were minorly edited in Audacity, as well as converted to OGG

Metal Sonic:
Spoiler: Changelog
Initial Release

Added support for custom taunts

Simplified custom taunt support (the old method still works just in case)
Shortened time window in which a taunt may trigger
Fixed bug that caused you to taunt players you bumped when they were already spunout (no more rubbing salt in the wound)
Fixed sound overlap when bumping players into your own traps
Spoiler: Known Issues
Flattening players by your own hand causes you to taunt. While technically a bug, I find it amusing enough that I don't see any reason to fix it.

Download Now

File Type: pk3 kl_ah_v1.2.pk3 (22.5 KB, 74 views)
File Type: pk3 kl_bct_v2.pk3 (46.4 KB, 87 views)

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Welcome to releases!
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Possible support for custom Voice lines?
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Update! Support for custom taunts has been added!
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Update! Custom taunt support has been simplified, and a few other tweaks and bugfixes have been made. Full changelog in the top post.
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