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So I've been working on a port of a character that some of you may remember from SRB2's early days for and I want you to critique to see how well this sprite is before I continue making the other frames.

Another thing to note is that the download for the original is gone and zck2020 isn't making anymore SRB2 wads. I want to make this wad a good port for 2.1/2.2 and possibly, Kart.

Last edited by Speed_Sneaker; 01-27-2019 at 08:25 PM. Reason: Fixed a small spot of banding on the legs.
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Well yes, but actually no.
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I think the ears should be bigger because at the moment they're pretty small compared to this image.
biggest oof
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Alright thanks MarioFreak2001! I have made the ears bigger and added some rotations.
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