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Default Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 Online Features recovered.


f you have been following the Dreamcast scene, you should know by now that a huge online revival has been ongoing with many games having their online mode recovered, websites being created to work with the Dreamcast browsers and also new features like the Dreamcast Now.

But this great community never stops to amaze us, with more great news that now tons of the online features for Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 have been recovered, and itís not just it, Sonic Adventure 2 one of the few Dreamcast games to feature add-on content that were not on the disk have also been recovered.
Source (more details and couple of videos):
Sonic 3D Ass : Horrible camera island.
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Didn't expect that.. Sounds really cool to have online features in my childhood games, I'll be looking forward for this.
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I'll Begin
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This is incredible! The Dreamcast preservation scene has been doing some amazing work.
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