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Sometimes I sprite "things"
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Default Wav format sounds bad in srb2win.exe

So, I was playing with modernabilitiessonicce.wad in srb2dd.exe , activated the boost and.. I was wondering : eh? wait a second, this time sounds good, how curious. Now, testing with the 2 exes (srb2win.exe and srb2dd.exe) with the respective wad, boost sound have a wav format.

I just noticed this:

Srb2dd.exe : The wav sounds good.
Srb2win.exe : The wav sounds like static.
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ms reflec beat stan
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SDL2 doesn't support certain audio encodings, and the WAV-loading code is outside of our control. Since DD is being phased out by 2.2, the best thing to do is re-encode any sounds that have the problem into a format the game can handle. (Opening and re-exporting in Audacity fixes 99% of cases)
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