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*audible scribbling noises*
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Default Iron Turret's Flying Grass

As you can read from the title, Iron Turret has some grass floating in the sky, as pictured in this screenshot:

The base I'm facing is the Red Base. You have to get very close to see it, because it's unnoticable from afar. That's probably why the developers overlooked it. (Maybe the grass was set to Upper Unpegged instead of Lower Unpegged?)

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Originally Posted by Prisima the Fox View Post
(Maybe the grass was set to Upper Unpegged instead of Lower Unpegged?)
Maybe, but it's more likely that they forgot to set any Unpegged setting to it. (iirc, upper unpegged is the same as not unpegging it at all)
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Well, I think this post should be a suggestion, just to take care of these small details.

Here in Cloud Palace Zone also has the same case.
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Holy Shit! A grass trim error appears on the levels, I've seen this kind of crap before and it's very unrealistic (especially when only one of the unpegged has the error). This error sure needs to be fixed since this type of error really pisses me off.
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Unrealistic huh. In a game about giant talking animals, who would have thunk it. In all seriousness this is a pretty minor oversight. Nothing a little skim over the map cant fix.
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These kinds of errors are easy to make as the map gets edited over and over again, and generally hard to notice in testing, so you'll see them regularly. Do point them out so we can fix them, but don't be surprised to see more in the next release.
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