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Originally Posted by RedEnchilada View Post
>implying act 1 is the first act being worked on
It could be made with concepts of VirtualRealm's or LostLevel's Dark City desings or who knows?? Maybe it will end being daytime at the middle of the first act! Yay! Lol! ok no

DCZ1 really needs to have a transition beetween getting out of RVZ, like I did on my map wad's design and make some big city like in Lost Levels

Beetwen us, DCZ is the map i have the biggest hype on srb2 since it was firtsly posted as a question mark in, aaaah those 2.0.6 times :S
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There isn't a single cohesive level transition in the game, and this is a design choice. The only real level intros are in ERZ2 and ERZ3, and they aren't even hinted at in the previous level. Exit transitions were nuked in 2.1 so that exit sectors are always the same, and this is why the exits of DSZ1, CEZ2 (lol), ACZ1, RVZ1, ERZ1, and ERZ2 were changed.

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