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Default Nature Park

I took a little break and made a quick match level called "Nature Park", based off a certain video game but not close to the real thing, here are your screens:

And download links:

Old Version:

New Version:

Bug Reports:

Please report any bugs you see in this level and I'll fix them on days i'm not busy with modding "Silent Castle".

Please put some constructive criticism so I can know how to fix this later and make it better.
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SRB2 Guy
hurr hurr

Ok, I can think that you're a bit new here, but you have the right idea. Rings are deafed, but weapon rings aren't. This has a Thok Barrier, but no Level Header. You know how to make FOFs, but it's impossible to get up to some places. Let me help you out.

Oh, and is this from Custom Robo?
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Okay I'll get to the level header, and I'll do the deafing and springs(I knew I left out something) thanks for telling me.

Originally Posted by SRB2 Guy
Oh, and is this from Custom Robo?
Yes this is from Custom Robo.

Edit:I might have uploaded the wrong nature park(the old one and not new) so bear with me for awhile untill I find the new version.

Edit2: I found the new and improved one, springs, deafed weapons, and map heading, have fun.

Nature Park New Version:
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