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The point behind giving a reason for the score is so you give the designer feedback to help him in making his next project. The point here isn't to say which map is the best as much as to say why that map is the best and why the other maps weren't as good.
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Shadow Hog
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That said, the single rating will be easier since it's all that's going to be counted. You've given the ratings. Now give the reasoning.
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I'm hosting a dedicated server at for judging. We'll see how long I can keep it up.

Make sure you have the wad before joining.

The timelimit is set at 7 minutes.
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Shadow Hog
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*holding off for a sec*
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1. Small, boring, automatic + infinity. 4/10.
2. Way too big, bad framerate, and has a fix-able glitch. Nice design though. 7/10
3. Boring as hell, awful design, glitchy. 1/10
4. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. But it's way too big, the death pit is too high up, and there's a serious lack of rings. First map I actually had lots of fun on though. 7/10
5. Awful ring placement, gargoyles, bad design. 4/10
6. I thought I saw god, nice textures, pretty. But FAR too cramped, glitchy, camera kept on getting stuck. I seriously couldn't play this. 1/10
7. Bad gameplay, bad graphics, glitchy, nothing good to see here. Awful. 1/10
8. Nice level, awful framerate. Reminds me of 'Rainbow Ride' on Mario 64. I'm really sad to give this level a low score, since it's so beautiful, but it's too big for an SRB2 map. 1/10
9. Beautiful, great gameplay, nice amount of rings, no glitches as I can see. But, there are flaws. The boxes in the main corridor are too big to be jumped over, and if you fall into the slime pit, you WILL die. Also, bigger than it should be. 7/10
10. Nice size, nice design. Nothing that negative about it. 7/10
11. Too big outside, too small inside. Too many passages. 4/10
12. Too big. Too freaking big. It's nice and all, but it's literally unplayable because of it's size. 4/10
13. Great level, really nice design and gameplay. 7/10
14. Turrets? No. 1/10
15. Really, really good idea. It's gameplay is nice, it's not too big or too small. 9/10
16. Nice size, nice level, a bit 'lethal' though. :p 7/10
17. Way too small and kinda buggy. 4/10
18. Nice level, awesome to FINALLY see a Wood level. But it plays badly, and has bad framerate. It's too bad, this obviously had a lot of work put into it. 4/10
19. Just a bunch of springs and FOFs... It's like a rip-off of Meadow Match, but really, really big... 4/10
20. Nice size, nice design. The colorpools are sorta annoying though. 7/10
21. It's okay, but far too weird for my tastes. 4/10
22. Far too big and sloppily done. 4/10
23. UGH, NO! TURRETS! REALLY bad level. 1/10

I didn't know who made what when I made this, so none of this is biased.
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Some guy

Important notice about MAP02: the glitch wasn`t there when I sent it.
MAP23: Yay , turrets. I thought everyone would hate it, but I entered this map because no one would just stay in one place in the map and they would run around (have fun). I think this is playable. (My opinion)
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MAP01, Florid Crater Zone by FuriousFox: 6/10
Overall enjoyable box of death. Could use less random monitors, as it tended to get rather overpowered when someone got the Attraction, but overall quite good. It's a tad small, but that works for a map like this. A little above average.

MAP02, Sandy Beach Zone by Some guy: 4/10
While a lot of effort was obviously spent here, it doesn't really play all that well. Everyone just goes to one section of the map because that's the only section they can get to. Also, homing doesn't work well in such an open map. I didn't find anything glaringly bad, though.

MAP03, Diamond Duel Zone by Sonicandtails218: 2/10
Ouch. Teleports in a stage with a bazillion bottomless pits does not add up to fun. Add that to the fact that the level is already hard to get around and you find a map that needs serious work if you want it to be fun. Being teleported to where someone was flying as Tails and dying randomly is not a good time.

MAP04, Wrecked Satellite Zone by Shadow Hog: 5/10
Strictly average. Has a rather average layout, and a rather average item location. However, there is nothing truly wrong with the map, and it does look good at least. The thing is, the whole stage just seemed like the same kind of tunnel-like passage.

MAP05, Meadow Conflict Zone by hotdog003: 3/10
Okay, first, I must give you props for the bouncing gargoyles. I laughed out loud when I saw that. Unfortunately, it doesn't play very well. The fact that it's so easy to get an Infinite-Ammo Laser makes it very hard to play because one person is always totally owning everyone else, and everyone else can't do anything about it.

MAP06, Floating Factory by Firekid: 2/10
Ick. Painfully small and has an Armageddon Shield that doesn't randomly respawn. Translates into someone getting 200 points for camping a monitor, which is not fun. It's also almost impossible to get to the upper floor. The level would probably be more fun if it was much easier to get up there.

MAP07, Sonichero's Palace Zone by Joe: 0/10
Unplayable. Horrid to look at. Even worse to play. Please look at the basics of level design. There is a topic on Game Balance in the Archives of this forum.

MAP08, Fluff Fight Zone by SRB2-Playah: 5/10
First off, your level looks gorgeous. However, it doesn't play all that well. Placing the Auto and Infinity on top of each other makes it really overpowered, and it's a tad too easy to fall in areas. I did have a lot of fun when someone wasn't destroying us all with infinite ammo, though, so it's at least average.

MAP09, Lunar Facility Zone by FuriousFox: 7/10
I like this. Original look and design combined with a cool layout and an original way to use low gravity. It could use less random monitors, as I saw people running around with Invincibility a lot more than I'd like. A good limit is to not have more than 2 random monitors. Otherwise, definitely quality work.

MAP10, Thunder Citadel Zone by Mystic: N/A
I think this is one of my best works, so I'm eager to see how people think about it as a contest level. It's very different from a lot of my previous stuff, so it'll be interesting to see the reaction.

MAP11, Verdant Valley Zone by Shuffle: 4/10
Rather boring, to be blunt. The explosion is near impossible to get to, and all the action will pretty much end up happening in the large center room. It's obviously designed as a CTF map, so I have no idea whether it fufills that goal or not.

MAP12, Winter Wonderland by Snort: 1/10
Nearly unplayable. Large areas of the map have no rings, and you've got huge areas of the stage that are totally barren, and other sections where you can pick up 200 rings in 3 seconds. The main area of the map is just a sort of dull and gigantic area that has no real features. It's also WAY too big, considering I had about 200 points at the end of the 5 minutes, and that's not due to a lack of skill.

MAP13, Winter Valley Zone by Some guy: 6/10
Again, this map is cool. I give you props for that. As an actual stage, I found it rather average. The current does provide something original, and the layout is rather cool. I'd suggest adding something to the icy platform you get to from the red spring in the water, and I do like the weapon usage here.

MAP14, Barrel Barrage Zone by Blue_Blur: 2/10
Ugh. Turrets are at least used well here, but the level itself is rather small and boring. The textures on the crates are really screwed up as well. This level could desperately use some variety.

MAP15, Ruined Fortress Zone by SRB2-Playah: 5/10
The fountain owns, to be blunt. It's just cool. As a level, it's fairly avarage. Fairly standard layout and design except for that fountain. You should make the underground passages bigger, though, it's almost impossible to use them as they are.

MAP16, Fusion Reef Zone by a441 & SSNTails: 4/10
I'm surprised coming out to rate these and finding you two were the author of this, because I'd expect better from a combination of you two. The lack of springs in the lava makes playing as Sonic pointless, and there is even an Explosion Ring that Sonic cannot get back up from. Playing as Tails, it was rather average, but the weapons could use another copy for each. It's too easy to hoarde a weapon when you have the timer and know when it's going to respawn.

MAP17, Emerald Beach Zone by Senku: 1/10
Ick. We've had the topic of converting Sonic Battle levels into SRB2 come up before, and the last time the result sucked. This sucks just as bad, but in a different way. Get rid of all those damn random monitors and add some variety. As it stands, it's a flat room with a bunch of overpowered items.

MAP18, Illustrion Zone by Jason_the_Echidna: 9/10
Wow. I had no idea that this could be done with SRB2. You win for originality right off the bat. However, when I actually played it, I was even more pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was actually very fun in an actual game. Well balanced, with a cool gimmick. That comes up so rarely in SRB2 design that I have to give you a cookie. I hope either this or my map wins the contest. This map is just cool.

MAP19, Green Patch Zone by Linkman90: 2/10
The reason Meadow Match is fun is because it's ancient and VERY simple. Henceforth, it can get away with horrid graphics and some bad design. This map is like a bad and much larger Meadow Match for more reasons than the music. You have some lines of rings that are WAY longer than they ever should be. Some areas of the map are downright boring, and some areas have way too much stuff in it. It also has less detail than Meadow Match, which is majorly a bad thing. It could overall use better item placement and some more detail. Being smaller wouldn't hurt either.

MAP20, Colorpool Arena by Ex_Sonic: 3/10
This concept really sucks, but fortunately it doesn't play as horrible as it looks. The random monitors ruin the map, though, since there is no point to go anywhere except near the center.

MAP21, Ex Arena by Ex_Sonic: 3/10
There is an attraction shield that is easily accessed, in a map with about 1 billion rings in large areas. That is a major bad thing. This level sorta reeks of the "My first map" syndrome and uses almost every special that the designer knew how to use. It could use a lot more cohesion in general.

MAP22, Space Fight Zone by Some guy: 4/10
This is rather neat in concept, but it has one glaring flaw: There is only one teleport into the building itself. If it weren't for that, this map would probably get a better score. Speaking of the teleports, the entrance teleport looks really cool. Also, as a suggestion, it would be cool if the inside of the building was not low grav while the outside is. It would add more variety to what is already a very varied map.

MAP23, MI by Some guy: 0/10
Totally unplayable garbage. Remove the turrets, remove the monitors, remove the map from my hard drive. There are no positive design things here. As with MAP07, please read the basics on game balance and design, located in the Archives.

Overall, the contest seems like a lot of quanitity over quality. A lot of the entries seem very rushed, and almost none of them seem tested. A lot of people used the Attraction and Armageddon Shields on their map, which is almost always a bad idea, and there was an overabundance of maps that seemed like all the objects were thrown onto the map as an afterthought. The few really good maps, however, were worth all the garbage I played through, as some of the good stuff was original and quite interesting.

Hopefully we'll get about as many entries next month, This was definitely an amazing turnout.
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Sorry about the glitch in MAP02. I ran all the wads through ZenNode 1.0.8 and checked for glitches, but didn't catch that one. I would have used ZenNode 1.2.1, but it also added glitches, very obvious ones, in MAP11 and MAP16.

The explosion ring in Fusion Reef was supposed to have a spring back up. I was away all day on December 26th and came home at 6:15 pm with 45 minutes to add rings, objects, platforms, starts, and a name. So "rushed" is a pretty good word to use there.

I hope it will still get a decent score. It has its flaws (my fault), but I found it really enjoyable to play on.
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Shadow Hog
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Server's down; Barrel Barrage got a segment violation thing.

I've not played this for 10 minutes, or twice, I suppose, but given that I dunno of any servers up right now, and my mind being totally made up on this one...


Author: Some Guy
Rating: 0

Yes, 0. This map really IS unplayable. We had a game with a441, me, THS, JTE and some ZZT person. After this map it was a441, THS and JTE. It's THAT bad. You can't really shoot since you can't see anyone coming (too many rings), plus the turrets mean you have to keep moving.

If it didn't have turrets? Prolly a fairly good rating. As it is? ZEEE-ROOO.


And that's my first rating.

Yeah, I don't expect my map to do very well. As I mentioned, it was supposed to have an interesting gimmick that, at the very last minute, a441 revealed would cause no end of consistency errors. As it is it's just an average map, no more, no less.
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AKA FuriousFox
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Seeing as how there are so many levels in this pack, I'm just going to post my reviews in 4 parts, 6 maps in each part.

MAP01, Florid Crater Zone by FuriousFox: N/A
For a map I made in three and a half hours, it turned out pretty well. Alot of people said it was boring, but I personally found it to be fun. The smallness of it made it so there was constantly action, and it was easy to find other player. I suppose I could have made it larger, but I personally like it the way it is.

MAP02, Sandy Beach Zone by Some guy: 6/10
This map was pretty average in my opinion. It was nice to have the Super Sneakers near the water so that us Tails players could run around on top of it. The turtle shell was a neat way of scoring extra points, by simply hitting it and letting it hit the other players.

MAP03, Diamond Duel Zone by Sonicandtails218: 3/10
Auto, Homing, and Rail, not exactly a good combination of weapons. This level was cramped just about everywhere except for on the top and around the edge of the map. The two teleporter monitors were constantly being hit, making it difficult to figure out where you were. The framerate on the level wasn't too good either, which I'm guessing was caused by all of the crumbling platforms.

MAP04, Wrecked Satellite Zone by Shadow Hog: 6/10
The level seemed a bit flat to me, there really weren't alot of things you could hide behind or things to get in your way other than the pit and that room in the middle. The rail ring was a good choice for this level, since it was really useful in hitting players across the big open room and hallways. The teleporter in the middle was easily abusable, though. I took advantage of it by spindashing into it, by the time we warped I was over the big pit, meaning that whoever warped to where I was was dead.

MAP05, Meadow Conflict Zone by hotdog003: 5/10
Auto and Rail don't belong together in a level, it practically makes you a running machinegun. Combine that with Infinite and you're running around the level killing everyone. The design of the level was pretty nice, though there should really be more ways for Sonic players to get up to the weapon rings though.

MAP06, Floating Factory by Firekid: 4/10
Putting an Armeggedon shield in a small level is never a good idea. Heck, it's not even a good idea for any sized level, but especially small levels, as you really can't get away from them. This level also had Auto and Rail rings in it, though I never saw anyone using them together. The 4 teleporters in the middle were quite annoying. The 3 spaces in between the wall that blocked you from the middle were too small, they need to be bigger.

Reviews for MAP07-MAP12 will be in my next post.
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The Human Shadow

I'ma just make comments here: I don't like giving scores out because sometimes they don't compare with my comments, if you get my meaning. So, this is mainly for the creator's eyes only.

1) Okay, it plays well (except for the whole Auto-Infinite thing going on), but pretty cramped.

2) Pretty damn big. Nothing but a big match'll work too well on this level. Also, a lotta glitches.

A floor that you can fall through; here's a pic through the floor, and one from above.

Also some random box that you can't reach and can only be seen at a lower level.

3) Very big and very high up. Chemical warp an odd idea. Only one glitch that I really noticed; a fence that floats from behind but looks fine from the front.

4) Big and spacious, but still small enough to keep confrontations. Rings are pretty spaced out, though, but the antigrav area is a good idea.

5) Firstly, I think those bouncing gargoyles look ugly. Secondly, the level looks pretty much...boring.

6) Too small, and I doubt many people will go through the maze - most of the action will probably take place with people trying to hit each other around the outside.

7) My eyes burn from that level. Is there any point behind the center spring in the main chamber? And what's with the fake walls? Much too large for a Match game.

8) Big level, nice design, but as pointed out, framerate goes kaput when running.

9) Cool idea, but rings are pretty spaced out. Slime pit's huge. o.O

10) Huge. Screaming CTF to me (not sure if that's the intended gametype - I haven't played it out of Match yet (one of the reasons why I'm not giving scores) but I don't see any bases...).

11) Are those 2 patches of water supposed to appear solid? Large outside section, small tunnels. A bit to long, too; I only just made it out of the underwater one as Tails before drowning.

12) Much too big. I don't think I even explored all of it. Two of those green warps were pointless - and probably more of them, I doubt I managed to check them all.

13) Big and huge mass of water. Camera got stuck in some of the underwater tunnels, and when i managed to unstick it, I was met with a giant HOM. Cool music.

14) A bit lacking, and I don't like the idea of the turrets in a Netgame.

15) Nice level. Sometimes some odd texture things occur when on the roof of the fortress thing. Fountain's weird.

16) Nice and spacious, yet not too big, but all those damaging floors... x.X

17) At first, I was wondering why it was so small and what the point behind the water section was. Then I flew up and noticed the writing in the rings. Cool when you consider it's supposed to be a Sonic Battle map copy, but try to expand it a bit next time.

18) Odd level design. Framerate can get a bit choppy. That underwater current is weird. oO

19) What Cy said - a larger, duller Meadow Match.

20) Good level design - makes for a fun game when you've got quite a few people playing on Match.

21) Odd level design. Again, makes for a good match with a few players. The godshield-loadsa ring combo on the top of the level is a bit strange. oo

22) Would probably be better if it were just the inside section available - the outside section's a bit large. make the inside a bit larger and get rid of the outside and things might get a bit better. Is that screen supposed to scroll like that?

23) It was decided in the netgame that MI must stand for Match Impossible - stand still for a second and you're fried toast. Horrid level. I can only think of it as being a confused Chaos level.

And on a closing note...

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Just rating the ones I feel I've spent enough time on. Since I've been in and out of netgames (including my own), these levels are not necessarily contiguous.

Also, votes/opinions are subject to change.

MAP01, Florid Crater Zone by FuriousFox: 6/10

This reminds me a bit of the unofficial GFZ battle contest. It plays better than those levels, but it's a basic, symmetrical design that doesn't try too hard to impress you with theme, so in a good way, it's kind of like them.

I didn't like the way you have only one choice for how to get up to the top areas (the diagonal springs in the corners). The question-mark monitors were overpowered as well. But it's simple and nice and it works, so I enjoyed it. My computer program picked well when it randomly chose this map to be first in the level pack.

MAP11, Verdant Valley Zone by Shuffle: 7/10

The bad: Narrow, dark tunnels are fairly pointless, as far as match is concerned. They can be ignored, but it's annoying when I start in one.

The good: The center area has a good layout and is fun for running around battling. I also really like what you did with the rail rings. They're in just the right places. I would suggest a little more variety at the bottom of the center area, since that is where most of the action takes place.

MAP12, Winter Wonderland by Snort: 2/10

Unnecessarily big and overcomplicated. My advice to the author is just make a smaller, simpler map, and try not to be tempted to put in so many "gadgets." Still, huge improvement over the original version. I did manage to get a few hits in on this map.

MAP13, Winter Valley Zone by Some guy: 9/10

While it's early, and I haven't played all the maps enough yet, my gut is telling me this might just be the best in the contest. The layout is awesome. Big, with lots of details, but still open enough for finding targets. Good assortment of items.

The only criticism that comes to mind is the Liquid Shield, Basic Shield, Super Sneakers, and Teleporter around the map. Those should respawn randomly and maybe become Silver Rings to start off instead. They're just boring, distracting items to be getting all the time.

That aside, I love it. I might have to change my vote to a 10 if I continue loving it this much.


I've played all the levels, though some of them not very much.

Overall themes I'm picking up:

1. Turrets are bad.
2. Question mark monitors are bad.
3. Big levels, while great for the hypothetical 32 player netgame, don't go over so well in the 4-8 player games we end up having in practice.

A lot of the levels are basically good and will get rated down for essentially minor flaws. I'm trying to keep an open mind and rate based on how enjoyable the gameplay was, whether or not something could be done better.

That "Just say NO To Turrets" image is ingenious.
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What part of 'RETIRED' don't you understand?
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I normally don't review these things, so you're gonna get what you're gonna get.

MAP01 - 5/10

Purdy, it is.

MAP02 - 5/10

Decent, but sometimes navigating is hard.

MAP03 - 6/10

Lots of effort, but very strange layout.

MAP04 - 5/10

I never thought of rounding out the orange pipes like you did!

MAP05 - 5/10

Who can resist bouncing gargoyles?!

MAP06 - 6/10


MAP07 - 2/10

It's icky.

MAP08 - 7/10

I love the idea, but it runs like so much mud.

MAP09 - 6/10

Like tribes, but without the mountains.

MAP10 - 9/10

Kicketh the butt and taketh the names.

MAP11 - 8/10

I like this layout.

MAP12 - 8/10

Dang, credit if not only for the amount of work you did. it's like 5 match maps in one.

MAP13 - 7/10

Wow, another quantity.

MAP14 - 3/10

Interesting idea, but doesn't work very well in application.

MAP15 - 7/10

I absolutely love the little sucky tube thing!

MAP16 - 6/10

Meh, when I originally agreed to help with this map, I thought it was a single player one (shows how closely I follow these contests usually). All I really placed in this map were the non-collectible objects and the steam pipes - and a441 didn't have any more time to make a better level. Still, I think it flows decently, and is definitely the least-cpu-taxing of all the entries.

MAP17 - 3/10

Oops, wait, no... THIS map is the least taxing of all the entries. :D

MAP18 - 5/10

I like the tree effect.

MAP19 - 7/10

I think this one works pretty well.

MAP20 - 4/10

Psychadelic, maaaan.. but you lose points for not putting fog in the colored water! See Map16 on how to do this. 8)

MAP21 - 8/10

You use cool music, so you automatically get an 8. Awesome, huh? Wouldn't it be cool though if you could change your player color by dipping them in paint?

MAP22 - 4/10

Why do some springs jettison me into nowhere space?

MAP23 - 2/10

This would work great as a special stage.


I really like many of the very creative ideas in most of these levels, as well as the wadding skill!

But please do check your maps for errors, people. The console has output for a reason.
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one rude dude
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Unfortunately once I got into the good maps, a441's server started lagging up a storm for unknown reasons. I'll review what I can and add on later if I feel like it.

MAP01: 5/10
Exceedingly average. While it could hold a fine match game, it's way too simple.

MAP02: 8/10
It's not perfectly symmetrical, which is always nice. This was before the intense lag set in and we all had a grand match game in there.

MAP03: 4/10
Has a steady supply of transporter box things that can make any game surprisingly irritating. Coupled with the fences that exist merely graphically, it really brings the experience down.

MAP04: 8/10
One of the more fun maps in the collection. This was about the point where the lag was getting too intense for me to judge gameplay properly, but I will say it looked really nice. Going by the general layout, it looks like it would work fine.

MAP05: 8/10
What a novel idea, snowmen on springs! Or gargoyles if you're being lame and using -noxmas (*decked*). This is just a good old generic symmetrical map, so simple that it works perfectly.

MAP21: 7/10
Simple in design, but works great nonetheless. It looks ass in OpenGL mode due to the colormap bug, but I'm not going to count anyone down for that. And I'm with SSNTails on the paint thing, wouldn't that be something...

MAP22: 10/10
My favorite of the bunch. Playing it in OpenGL mode craps up the visual appeal due to the use of windows and FOFs. However, it must be dealt with, as I particularly like how you can essentially go anywhere you want to in the level thanks to those FOFs.

MAP23: 1/10
I hate to score anything this low. My first impression of the level came as I spawned and immediately was killed by one of the numerous turrets. Sadly it is the most simplistic and bare level design I have ever seen, which makes it exceedingly difficult to avoid getting hit.
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Old 12-28-2004   #35

This would work great as a special stage.
one word, ahem, let me say it slowly...

Old 12-28-2004   #36
one rude dude
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Actually, done right, it could probably work. Of course it'd be on par with Mystic Realm difficulty.
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What part of 'RETIRED' don't you understand?
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It's easy not to get hit as long as you keep running.
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You played these in netgames, AJ? I thought you were still on the shared dialup!
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Old 12-28-2004   #39

Don't count my votes if you don't want, 'cause I just ran through Singleplayer with these, but I at least want to voice my opinion. Man, so many maps it's hard to remember them all... I'll quote the notes I wrote down for each and if more comes to mind I'll write that, too.

Map01 - 7/10: Very Organized, nice and tidy. Kind of standard otherwise.

Map02 - 4/10: Errors, sluggish framerate even in OGL. Crates are a nice touch.

Map03 - 6/10: Interesting design. Error with the fence textures.

Map04 - 6/10: Quote: "Too big, too boring".

Map05 - 6/10: Pretty standard map with barely anything memorable.

Map06 - 0/10: "ERROR: Not enough starts!"

Map07 - 3/10: Haphazard design; too big, too empty. Was this your first map?

Map08 - 6/10: Big, interesting, but very little cover to be had.

Map09 - 8/10: Very cool design. Low gravity + Slime = Instant Death.

Map10 - 7/10: With a little arrangement, would make an awesome Singleplayer Map. Some cool ideas. Probably too big for SRB2 deathmatch.

Map11 - 5/10: Color mapping issues deeper underwater.

Map12 - 5/10: A map that's even bigger than map 10. Alright design. I like the huge floating platform bit with the holes in it.

Map13 - 6/10: Another huge map. Pretty cool design, though.

Map14 - 5/10: Turrets are a pain in the butt. Simple design, otherwise.

Map15 - 7/10: Pretty cool Castle-themed map. Reminds me of Unreal Tournament. I like the fountain.

Map16 - 0/10: "ERROR: Not enough starts!"

Map17 - 4/10: Another Sonic Battle convert. Bigger than Digi's Rouge Map, but still, not suitable for Deathmatch.

Map18 - 7/10: Very weird map. Causes my z-buffer to freak out in OGL. Bouncy Water's an interesting touch, though.

Map19 - 6/10: Quote: "Too big!"

Map20 - 5/10: Colored Water is an interesting, if useless touch. Rings are crooked.

Map21 - 6/10: Average-ish. Interesting to look at, at least.

Map22 - 7/10: Teleporters are a nice touch. Big, fun to explore.

Map23 - 1/10: Killed by turrets every time I spawned, giving me no time to explore the map.

Also, while exploring the bigger maps, I ran in to this annoying error:

:| ha ha, very funny.
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You use cool music, so you automatically get an 8. Awesome, huh? Wouldn't it be cool though if you could change your player color by dipping them in paint?

"And then one day he fell into a bucket of blue paint"

A paint block'd be cool :P.
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