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Default Model Loaders

I'm tired of not seeing MD3 support in SRB2. So I am releasing the MD2 & MD3 model loaders from Wizard2. I hope this can help someone in adding support for it to SRB2.

Ideally, it'd be great to see the models loaded into a common memory format so that loaders for all kinds of model formats could potentially be added in the future - that's the way this structure is designed.

This code is released under the WTFPL.
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After looking up what MD3 is capable of, I love the idea of MD3 support in SRB2, but I don't know if anyone would take the time to implement it. Especially since OpenGL is still unsupported, and MD2 even less, despite Windows 8 seemingly not working too well with software.
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Red The Pyrohog
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Sounds gr8, but that'd take what? Around a year to make?
Plans for making several wads? Yes.
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Plans for waiting for 2.2? ...Guess I could wait a bit longer...

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Jeck Jims
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More like 5
Easy MD2 set-up
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