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Version: 6.0, by Senku Niola (Drifting Golden Swordsman) Senku Niola is offline
Developer Last Online: Mar 2019

Version: SRB2 Rating: (11 votes - 4.36 average)
Released: 08-01-2009 Last Update: Never Installs: 40
Characters SOCs

UPDATE (8/18/11):
Final 2.0 update, compatibility with Nitemare update, temporarily changed spinitem to a ghostitem.
UPDATE (8/11/11):
Unknown consistency in wads

UPDATE (9/6/10):
FFFF Soc collision with Nitemare

UPDATE (9/4/10):
Cleared out a chuck of the Diamond Cracker bugs and added SOC reference comments.

UPDATE (8/6/10):
Added a new ability called "Diamond Cracker"

UPDATE (5/4/10):
Clean Up to lumps.

UPDATE (01/28/10):
Another consistency update. Not sure how my wads keep getting modified.

UPDATE (12/27/09):
Consistency update. I must have updated my wads and not noticed. (SSN Set)

UPDATE (11/28/09):
Sprite offsets fixed for walking and running, and removed neglected misplaced colored pixels left over from v1.0.

UPDATE (10/25/09):
Fix up to avoid SOC clashing with Nitemare.wad

UPDATE (10/1/09):
Minor update, fixed odd offsets for Raging Senku's tipping frames.

UPDATE (9/15/09):
Senku 6.0 has been released, this one is complete with walljump, hopefully better acceleration, and spindash is a melee or small spindash boost.

UPDATE (8/19/09):
Not an actual update of the link or anything just a recap on what is planned ahead. Senku 6.0 alpha, the one below will be upgraded with walljump, maybe a slight tweak to stats, a super icon, and MAYBE a brand new end sign when 2.1 comes out. (For all those waiting for Senya and Nitemare you will have to wait till 2.1+ if I can't work with what I have now, aka SOCs)

UPDATE (8/1/09):
Here is the good ol' Senku wad, converted from 1.09.4, to now be 6.0 in SRB2 2.0. He has new stats and currently a mini thok ability for temporary since walljump is gone. I'm waiting for more interesting and fitting abilities to be added to 2.0 since I can't use SOCs. Also I may update his sign and maybe the life monitor if custom popped life monitor support is added.


  1. Fixed - Reverse Gravity breaks walljump ; [ Senku ] (Fixed in 2.0.5)
  2. Fixed - Reverse Gravity Animation Offsets ; [Senku] (Fixed in 2.0.5?/MFE)
  3. Diamond Cracker on edges of sectors (This was fixed but I lost the version of the SOC)

2.0 Version
  • Senku 6.0


Go have fun!

Report any bugs you find with the wad, thank you.


2.0 Screenshot:

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Originally Posted by Maximus Universal View Post
There temporarily was a new Senku wad for 2.1, though that one is lost in time and his computer.
Nah he just quit SRB2 in general from what I've heard.
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