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A.K.A. TheSonicMaster580
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Default OMG! I do not see any rain drops and snow drops in OpenGL

Hey there guys. There's an error with the snow and rain weather in OpenGL where there is no rain drops and snow drops coming out from the sky in the level even if it was raining or snowing. So please fix that so it would look good.

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OpenGL is unsupported and I don't think 2.1 changed it in any way, it just fixed some ugliness. (I'm tempted to write kthxbai here..)
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I believe it was disabled due to extreme lag.

In either case, it's completely intentional that it doesn't appear. If you can compile builds you can define HWPRECIP if you want to try it out for yourself, but I have no idea how well it'll work.
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A.K.A. TheSonicMaster580
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Well, the thing is that if there is snow and rain in the OpenGL. The levels that contains snow or rain would look more realistic because they would look very nice and cool.
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Stop it
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Yes but it would lag because you can't allocate enough memory into srb2 to have a perfeclty fluid game, that's probably why it was removed.
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Old 04-05-2014   #6
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Last time I tried enabling it, it was stopping some distant regular objects from being drawn. Of course, that doesn't happen in software, and I couldn't figure out why it was happening.
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A.K.A. TheSonicMaster580
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Now! How do we try to get access to rain and snow drops in the OpenGL by ourselves? That's what I can try to do to see if it does not lag on my own PC. But if it does lag on my own PC, then I end up disabling rain and snow drops of the OpenGL on my own PC.
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spaghetti coder
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Is there any reason you really want to use OpenGL? Software mode is in many ways remarkably superior, especially with all the work STJr has done on it. You'll get all the rain and snow you will ever want PLUS the awesome special effects that were written up for the renderer, like rippling water and functional lighting/fog.

AND it will probably run faster, too.

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Originally Posted by Metal96 View Post
AND it will probably run faster, too.
I use OpenGL because Software have been lagging VERY much since I bought windows 8.
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I would like to remind you all that precipitation NEVER worked in OpenGL. It was always incredibly broken. I don't see how disabling a completely broken thing is a problem. Now instead of having it work 1% of the time in an inconsistent way it just doesn't display at all.
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