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AKA Superjustinbros
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Default Selected player colors not kept on next boot up.

In a nutshell, when I try setting my color to something like Cyan and then close the game, the next time I boot up it goes to Steel Blue.
I haven't tested it with any other colors and yes, this is present in 2.1.4.

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Monster Iestyn
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By any chance are you loading up SRB2 with the old SRB2 Net Launcher? That would probably clear up why this is happening, the colors list there is outdated.
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AKA Superjustinbros
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Yes, the thing is I always play SRB2 in Windowed mode at a resolution that renders all the HUD sprites exactly 2x their normal size (640x400) so they don't look garbled. And I can't seem to be able to access the "3d Options" menu, which includes Windowed mode unless I play in OpenGL, which cannot be toggled within the game itself to my knowledge.
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