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Version: 1.0, by Senku Niola (Drifting Golden Swordsman) Senku Niola is offline
Developer Last Online: Mar 2019

Version: SRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 01-15-2010 Last Update: Never Installs: 8

This wad was created from cleaned up official sprites and placed in the best offsets and frame placement I could to find to result a playable Metal Robotnik that seemed to work right, so I know this is sorta a sprite rip and am ready to accept any criticism about it. (Please note this wad has been in my SRB2 folder for a few months now)

Now I know what you are thinking, it's a big bulky boring character, well you are right and wrong, it is big bulky and slow. Although, it has a different ability from other characters, a "High Jump": jump then quickly tap and hold jump again to go into high jump mode, let go when you feel like falling; you are vulnerable in this ability for the most part. It can't spindash obviously. This wad can also change colors pretty much just fine other than the "Cyan bug" and the few dark spots on it which I'm guessing are from left over model shades or something.

The only major bug with it currently is the multiplayer character switch crash. The only "fix" for it is to open the console and change the skin via "skin metalrobotnik".


  1. I R Too Big 4 Netplay: Multiplayer Selector Bug (SRB2 Issue)
  2. The Bigger I Get The Smaller I Get: Scaling makes him disappear (SRB2 Issue)
  3. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: Gravity/water effects high jump too much. (SRB2 Issue)

Go have fun!

Report any bugs you find with the wad, thank you.



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Old 10-02-2010   #22
Can now be ChaosShawnTails
shawntails's Avatar

This wad is just awsome XD

But i don't know if you named it metalrobotnik because you wanted to but if i stick with the sonic the hedgehog the movie it's ''dark eggman'' with eggman inside but still it's awsome ^^
shawntails is offline  
Old 10-02-2010   #23
Flame On!
LavaWave's Avatar

Open console and type in devmode and then scale 400 it feels as if you're playing a giant mecha game XD, funniest character ever, pro's for you but the fact it cannot dash and it's too big that you cannot see what's in front of you (and he cannot shoot either) makes this character a nerfed character, fun to play with still for humours sake.
LavaWave is offline  
Old 10-12-2010   #24
Steel Titanium
Steel Titanium's Avatar

This is the most funny wad i have erver use.

(Steel Titanium received a warning for this post: Use correct grammar and spelling.)
Steel Titanium is offline  
Old 10-14-2010   #25

I acctually made him before but I was banned from the mb at the time so I had no chance of releasing him. Anyway he is better then mine( My Metal robotnik featured no level select stuff more glitches and did not include a high jump) .Anyway nice job.
Eggmanfan is offline  
Old 10-15-2010   #26
Obamasnow Fan-- With a Hat
Sonnarkku's Avatar

Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
This is easily one of the most hilarious character wads I've played. I don't think I've seen a funnier character wad since HMS123311 (with voice) himself. Grade-A humor.
Originally Posted by Tidbit View Post
I couldn't stop laughing while I played this.
Originally Posted by GoldGameMaster View Post
Rofl that was so funny. This wad made my day.
Originally Posted by Mr.Black View Post
What´s suppoused to be hilarious about this wad? it is fun, not hilarious at all.
You Have Been Kicked (This is Sparta!)
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Old 10-15-2010   #27
Friendly lurker, I promise.
Metal-Rawr's Avatar

I guess the facts its... Ya'know... Way too big, funny, and actually the final boss of the game PLAYABLE is what makes it what it is. ^.^
Always remember to have fun
3DS FC: 0989 1765 4380
Please let me know if you add me ^_^
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Old 10-17-2010   #28
Big Teddy
neon231's Avatar

It is pretty funny, And the cape should be added on.
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Old 10-17-2010   #29
Friendly lurker, I promise.
Metal-Rawr's Avatar

People who ask for the cape: This wad is made from the game's sprites, does he have cape in the game? No, thats what I tought. Besides, Senku is working on his Senku Niola WAD, no?
Always remember to have fun
3DS FC: 0989 1765 4380
Please let me know if you add me ^_^
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