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Nev3r, that sounds like a thing shuffle aready done for his EXEs.

Originally Posted by Shuffles code
// A_Teleport
// Description: Teleport to the mobj's current target.
// Tip: Use A_Look or A_FindTarget to look for a target if the mobj doesn't have one.
// var1: If 0, teleports target to this object. Else, this object teleports to target.
// var2: If true, object keeps its momentum. Else, it loses it.
Also, What about the objects Z location?
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Usually lurks somewhere.
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Which exe?
Hmm... [insert witty observation here].
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Old 05-15-2008   #23
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<Prime_2> o.o
<Prime_2> I just had a brainfart
<Prime_2> something for SOC to make characters more awesome.
<Prime_2> A_CheckSkin
<Torgo> What will that do?
<Prime_2> My thought is, when you make SOCs for custom character abilities/frames, they become required for all of the characters.
<Prime_2> The purpose of A_CheckSkin would be to add a conditional for these changes
<Prime_2> so, in the S_Skin of a character wad, there would be some entries for what state to go to or what action to perform when an A_CheckSkin with the corresponding action parameter is called.
<Prime_2> if there is no corresponding entry, the action does nothing, and the character states proceed as they normally would.
<Prime_2> This would allow for skin specific SOCs
That is to say, in the S_Skin lump, each entry would have a script that says what actions to perform or what state to jump to, in addition to an identification value that would correspond to the action parameter used by A_CheckSkin. If the Action parameter and identification value match, the script is performed. Otherwise(or in the event a non-player called the action), the action does nothing, and normal operation continues.
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