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Default Robo Fighters Max:Mortal Enemies(A fan-game in works)

This is a fighting game I'm gonna be making in my spare time,I have no beta ready yet. but what you can expect is:

-30 charaters to choose from(5 hidden charaters)
-2 story modes
-6 gameplay modes(including 4 player rumble)
-30 levels to fight on
-about 6 speical combos
-bosses to fight(including the last boss roboegg99)

story:(I'll tell later).

Once I'm ready to show a beta I'll release it.

And afterwhile when my camera and computer videocam starts working again, I'll post some screenshots and record some video footage.

The beta should be ready in no less than 2 months, depending on if I don't get side tracked.

Any extra help would be appreciated.
I"m a narutard, and a code lyoko fan, now shut up about it!
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Old 04-14-2007   #2

OOH Looks interesting...will there be a mac version?

*Puppy eyes*
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AKA FuriousFox
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Alright, I'm just going to follow our normal procedure for wads. You have no pictures, movies, demoes, etc. No proof that anything has actually been done; just an idea. Therefore, this topic has been locked.

Also, there are many other forums out there that are specifically designed around game creation. You might want to use one of those to spread the word about your game instead of a forum about a completely different fan-made game.
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