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Its really awesome, i love flying around as riku
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Originally Posted by TrueTenguMan
Wow, this just turned into a spoil fest FYI, sora is too overpowered in the second game so I hope he's isn't in this.

But yea Im getting this, but Just to play as Marluxia.
Cheep, I forgot about the Spoiler stuff, in any case, I usually play as:[spoiler:f5946db6c0]DW Roxas, Riku, Mickey and Donald, for the lulz (Still no Sora unlock, no recent ability to play the game D:)[/spoiler:f5946db6c0] And of the characters available from the start, Lexeaus or Xemnas
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Originally Posted by hyperson View Post
The worlds are smaller, imo.
My favorite world is neverland.
Hmm...Neverland was a fun world, yes. Though my personal favorite world of all Kingdom Hearts games is Twilight Town for some reason.

And yes this game was amazing...and sad. It's kinda messed up......everything that happens to Roxas. He's my favorite character of the series.
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The Daily Browser
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I am more than likely to get due to multiplayer mission mode and the interesting story. The game looks great overall.
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Link Mah Boi
(actually hyperson)
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Me and my cousin have the same game, we play it all the time.
I play Dota.
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