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Incorrect. Just like other types, if a normal type was to attack with a normal type move, they would get a STAB from it, just like the others except certain techniques like Seismic Toss, Night Shade, SonicBoom, Dragon Rage.

Hidden Power in normal types apparently don't have STAB on them unless the the user has the ability normalize which makes all moves in battle act as the normal type, though that only applies to Skitty & Delcatty only
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Ok, when I level my Steelix in my non-hacked game, I'll see what it becomes of it, but isn't it the same thing to use Rare Candy till Lv.100 and then use Protein and Zinc?
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This'll answer stuff and such.

Vitamins (Proteins, Zincs) add 10 EVs per use, but they'll only go up to 100 per stat. A Pokémon has 510 Effort Values (EVs) it can use, up to 255 in each stat.

Rare Candies are instant level-up. They don't make Pokémon weaker, but the Pokémon won't get EVs they'd get in battle.

Power items (bought at Battle Frontier in DPP), Macho Brace and PKRS all increase the amount of EVs you get from battle. Power items by 4 in the specified stat (like, Anklet increases 4 SPD EVs)

4 EVs = 1 stat. So 252 ATK EVs = 63. No point of going to 255, since the stat won't go up further. Easy spreads tend to be 252/252/4 (508 EVs, 2 useless, ATK or S.ATK/SPD/HP or DEF for sweepers).

IVs are individual values. They are invisible numbers between 0 and 31 given to each stat. This increases the stat by 1 point per IV. They are given at a Pokémon's encounter or birth; they cannot be changed. There are ways to manipulate IVs.

Smogon is good resource for more competitive stuff.

Ps: Hyper Beam sucks. Return/Double-Edge are better Normal STABs.
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Actually, as a correction, 4 EVs in a stat is 1 point in that stat at level 100. At lower levels it's applied linearly less. For instance, at level 50, 8 EVs in a stat is 1 point in that stat.

Also, the Pokerus and the power items stack, so if you beat down a Starly with the Power Anklet and Pokerus, you get 10 speed EVs from the kill ( (1+4)x2 = 10 ).

In general, you don't really need to worry about EVs unless you're planning on playing against other players seriously. Just understand that if you fight against fast things repetitively, your Pokemon will gain speed. If you fight against things with high defense, your Pokemon will gain defense, etc.
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