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Default Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions


It looks so beautiful. The overworld even looks the same as it used to, and all the Dream Team/Paper Jam stuff is there! There's even a new Minion Horde mode thing replacing Mario Bros.!

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let's do the odyssey
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I have no words to express how amazing this is!
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Oh my, a SuperStar Saga REMAKE?!?! This is a MIRACLE! I can't seriously wait for it!

Sorry if i overreacted, i'm just a little...well, maybe TOO exited for the SuperStar Saga remake, i can't wait for the new music AND the Bros. Attacks!
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Cool! I was never able to get a hold of the first game, and Bowser's Minions seems like a really compelling shift in gameplay. Between this and the new Metroid, it's nice to see that the 3DS is still getting plenty of attention.

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