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Default Any AI for SRB2 (other than tails)

I was really wondering about AI in CTF or Match (minus Co op Sonic & Tails). But other than the outdated JTE, I really wanna know if there is a wad or mod (in the mod section). You can use wad characters too. They wouldn't NOT know what to do (other than custom levels etc.) and have a difficulty AI setup! Can anyone answer this? Can it be implemented in 2.2 without wads? I really wanna know!
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I believe bots are really, really complex to implement.

You would have to make bot logic that would have to take into account the geometry of the map and the different objects like springs, rings and collectibles.
On top of that, you would also need different behaviour for different gamemodes, checks to see if the bot can see any player every tic, movement prediction to shoot other players correctly, speed calculation for jumps or whatever...

Sounds hard to create a bot that works correctly for Match/CTF, overall. The most successful attemp at adding bots would have the bots wander around shooting everything that is a player, but they weren't perfect.
I don't think you can find a mod that adds bots to the current version of the game(yet?), and I really doubt they will debut in 2.2 for multiplayer gamemodes.
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We're not planning to add bots of any kind, other than the Tails bot to simulate Sonic & Tails mode from the classics, into the vanilla game.

The basic reason is that it's a lot of work to implement for a feature with a very limited audience.
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Zwip-Zwap Zapony
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I have nice memories of playing Match against bots in SRB2 Community Build... but I think the latest version of it is based on version 2.0.4 of SRB2 (though it was compatible with assets from 2.0.6 and maybe 2.0.7), which is of course completely incompatible with version 2.1+, let alone 2.2+.
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I guarantee you slopes would complicate bot behavior ridiculously in 2.1 and 2.2.
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