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Default How I play Multiplayer?

Hi, I have a problem.
I read a person who was saying the same. I tried to do the same thing they answered but there isn't an option of a server. The only thing I have about a server is the server options.

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If you hit multiplayer on the main menu and you get this screen, you're running srb2dd.exe. This executable is being depreciated and will no longer exist when version 2.2 is complete, so the developers have removed online functionality from it. To fix this, run srb2win.exe instead.

If I misread your post and you ARE indeed running srb2win.exe:
  • If you're trying to join a game, make sure you change the "ROOM" option to Standard, Casual, or All. Offline Mode means the game does not list servers from the Master Server.
  • If you're trying to host a game, make sure you know how to forward your ports, or the game won't be listed on the Master Server for people to join. Here is a handy tutorial if you need to set it up.
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There's also a video that shows how you can join netgames if you're still confused, use srb2win.exe as Lach said.

* Link to video.
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