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Silver The Hedgehog - 4.1 Details »»
Silver The Hedgehog - 4.1
Version: 4.1, by "Lat'" (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) "Lat'" is online now
Developer Last Online: Oct 2017

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (15 votes - 4.67 average)
Released: 04-27-2016 Last Update: 07-04-2017 Installs: 15
Characters Scripts Sprites/Graphics

Nope, you're not dreaming, this one here is not a joke, it's the true and real Silver we've all been waiting for!

So, Silver is as fast as Tails, jumps higher, but cannot damage enemies by jumping on them. But don't worry, he has a bunch of abilities to make up for this!

Most of Silver's abilities require Psy Energy. You can see how much Psy Energy you have under your Rings HUD, in a little blue bar. It is consumed by most of them, it won't refill by itself, you'll have to collect Rings or use PsyCharge (see below in ABILITIES). Some abilities cannot be used if you have less than a fifth of your gauge. It will flash red to indicate you this fact.

Spoiler: Abilities!

Silver can float if you hold jump after using your double jump ability. Nothing too special. It slowly depletes your Psy energy. You are vulnerable while using it, so be careful.

Psycho Boost
While floating, press Spin with more than a fifth of your gauge to enter in Psycho Boost mode! From there, you do not have to hold forward to advance or spin to keep using it. Press forward or backwards to go up and down. Let go the jump button to cancel it. You can start floating again afterwards if you still have Psy Energy. You can hurt enemies and bosses if you touch them during the Boost. Be careful though, it drains Psy Energy a lot faster! You can also destroy breakable walls while using it.

Telekinesis went through a lot of changes in the latest version, but has never been more effective and easy to use!

All nearby Telekinesis targets have a little blue cross drawn around them, if you press Fire Ring or Fire Normal, up to 4 objects highlighted will be picked up. They will follow you around.
Be aware that for each object you pick up, you will lose a fifth of your Psy Energy.
You can select what object to interact with thanks to the new fancy HUD by using the Match Weapon selection buttons.
Nearby targets you can throw objects on will also have a blue cross on them, just press Fire Ring again to throw the object(s) automatically on the target(s), or throw them where YOU want by using the Fire Normal button instead, use the 3rd person aiming reticle to your advantage, it can be of great help sometimes.
Do remember that getting hurt will make you drop every object you were holding.
You can also press TOSS FLAG to drop any currently held object.
Throwing objects does not cost any Psy Energy.

Also do do note that in Co-Op, players holding TOSS FLAG can be picked up and thrown by Silver.

Psycho Charge

Hold down Spin while standing still to use this ability;
it will refill your Psy Energy, or overcharge it into a burst of energy that knocks every enemy away when you let go off Spin if it was already full. This ability also allows Silver to use Spin activated Platforms, and gives him his Spin height, allowing him to fit through tight spaces.


Silver can Slide if you run and hit the Spin button. Useful to go under tight spaces. If you slide down a steep enough slope, Silver may gather enough speed to start spinning instead!


Silver cannot make use of any of the weapon rings in RingSlinger gametypes! Instead, he has to make use of his Telekinesis to throw players on walls a-la Sonic 06, or to use his RingSlinger-only ability, Psycho Cut!
Which can be selected with Match Weapon Selection buttons when you are not using Telekinesis. The projectile thrown goes through players and solid objects while still damaging them. You can throw a vertical slice instead of a horizontal one if you press Fire Normal instead of Fire Ring. Do note that these cost Psy Energy, so use them wisely!



If you are playing as Silver in match, it's generally useless to rush at players who already have seen you from afar, try instead grabbing monitors and ambushing players in tight spaces where they have no chance of escaping them. Grabbing players is generally a double edged sword as they can shoot back at you to free themselves really easily, you can however still use the level geometry to your advantage when grabbing a player to protect yourself from their shots. Keep in mind that only walls will damage players, it's useless to aim the ground or the ceiling, throwing them in any damaging sector / death pit will however award you points. Mind that it is also possible to use players as projectiles against other players.
Be careful of areas with a lot of items scattered around as it may cause you to lose more Psy Energy than intended.

While you do have the ability to Psycho Boost at any time, you should keep it only to escape or access safe areas, as its energy consumption will most likely be your downfall in a fight.

Do remember that you also have Psycho Cut as self defense if you are to be grabbed by another Silver or ever find yourself in a situation where objects are inaccessible and that there are no openings to grab players, they are also extremely useful in cluttered spaces as they go through players, and thus can damage more than one in a single throw.

Finally, keep in mind that your Psy Energy is really limited, you WILL have to back up to find Rings or hide to use PsyCharge safely and recharge it quite often. It's a good idea to use Ring monitors as weapons as they will be able to refill more than what you used to throw them if they land.


If you are to play against Silver, keep in mind that he cannot do a whole lot to you for as long as you stay outside of his grab range, he will be forced to either back away or to get closer to you by using his abilities, which will leave him without any psy energy to fight you once he reaches up close.
Silver can grab your weapon rings if you're not careful, but cannot protect himself from an endless stream of them, automatics and regular red rings are very effective against him from afar in a constant stream.

Avoid cluttered areas when you know there are Silver players as you will be helpless against any ambush unless you had already anticipated it.

If a Silver player picks you up, you only have approximatively one second to react and hit Silver with any sort of weapon to not get hit yourself or hope he gets hit by anything else. Keep in mind Telekinesis will always move you in front of Silver. Scatter, Grenades and Bomb Rings are extremely effective to break free.

Be aware however that Silver players throw monitors around, and thus, change their position, you will have to adapt to these changes whenever you need to find a power up for yourself. It's a good idea to go pop monitors here and here at the start of a round to force Silver players to resort to their Psycho Cut or easily counter-able Player telekinesis to get an easy upper hand on them

Spoiler: Command Help

Don't forget to actually make use of the commands to your liking;
'locksound' may quickly get annoying in SinglePlayer with the amount of targets and you may want to disable it.
'aimcross' isn't always precise and if you think it might as well not be here, then be it, disable it.
'telekinesistext' displays once telekinesis has picked you up in ringslinger, while helpful it can also be kind of intrusive to certain people, in that case, disable it.
silvervoice I don't know why would you play with this your madman.

All of those commands are saved into config.cfg so you don't have to reinput them each time.

Silver also has a Super Form he can use in Single Player, which negates all Psy Energy cost mentionned in the spoiler above.

I hope you will have as much fun playing it than I had making it

Special Thanks
Speedwagon for the char select and end-of-level sign sprites
STCPhoton for the sliding sprites
Snow for online testing and help with sprites
MotorRoach for testing, advices and fixing the character select pic
Wolfy for the original slide script.
LJ Sonik, Monster Iestyn, toaster, JTE and Inuyasha for a lot of help with the Lua, dumb scripter I am! :)
A good chunk of the Discord Chats I sent the WAD to to get error reports.

All of those who supported me while I was making this. Thank you, I love you all!

Download Now

File Type: rar Silver_41.rar (416.9 KB, 2820 views)

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Old 07-06-2017   #202
Ya Boi
CancerChris's Avatar

Mmmm... to be honest I really don't agree at all. It's balancing, you're right on that, but I think it's poor balance. Like, too heavy of a nerf that takes away from the fun. And if it does that, I can't agree and say it's for the best. I'm not big on modding, but aren't there ways to make a character perform differently in PVP than in Singleplayer? Actually, I think I can make a compromise that would work both for both MP and SP.

Let's say, give Silver an automatic 1 bar of regen, (only the first of his bars will regenerate) and make it regen relatively slow. Whenever he picks up an object his energy will drain slowly. 1 item is next to no drain, but the more items, the bigger the drain.

Take these and also apply them to multiplayer.

Next for the whole picking up players issue.

I'd say have it so that when you pick up people, you automatically drop them after 3 seconds. 2 second cooldown when you pick them up has been established, so you only have a time period of 1 second to throw, (to prevent just carrying them around) and if you don't, you drop them with an energy penalty of 1 bar. Have the max amount of Energy required to pick someone up be 2 bars. (As a prerequisite to be able to pick a player up.) It will cost one bar to pick them up and one to throw them. So the person playing Silver in MP will have massive energy costs, so he'll have to play rather tactically.

Help me out here, tell me how to improve this.
Actually a Cancer.

Wus poppin'?

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Old 07-13-2017   #203

Thanks for the job
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Old 07-16-2017   #204
Bronydude2k5's Avatar

Hey! This is a great wad, but I have a commision. since I'm Not so good at making wads, I'd like to do a trade. If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice. thanks.

(Bronydude2k5 received an infraction for this post: Do not ask others to make your mod for you.)
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Old 07-17-2017   #205
funyn menme
Potatosack's Avatar

That... is not an even fucking trade and you know it. Replacing sprites is a toddler's job, but making an entire character wad? You have to be kidding

... also that would be a trade not a comission kek
Take your fidget spinner and smite me.

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Old 07-17-2017   #206
"Lat'"'s Avatar
Default Update 4.1

So upon reading comments and the never ending list of (salty) complaints about Silver in Discord servers, the reoccuring real problem other than some players lacking the brainpower to read patch notes was... "Holding stuff with less than 1 bar screws you over", but this problem shall be no more for I present you...

Spoiler: Changes include:


- Picking up objects now results in a loss of a fifth of your Psy Energy per object picked up.

- Throwing objects no longer costs any Psy Energy

- Held objects aren't dropped if you drop to 0 Psy Energy

- You can now drop held objects by presssing TOSS FLAG

^ Essentially picking up object costs more Energy but it comes with a new life warranty that allows you to throw them without paying more.

PSYCHO CUT FIX (no don't worry it's not as bad as in 3.0)

- Fixed not being able to throw a Psycho Cut with less than a fifth of your Psy Energy even though the cost had been lowered to a tenth.

Again the release post has been updated to take in account those changes in the tips and abilities explanations.
Originally Posted by Bronydude2k5 View Post
If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.

Last edited by "Lat'"; 07-17-2017 at 10:15 AM.
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Old 08-15-2017   #207
TripleT's Avatar

This be the greatest character wad ever! I love using Silver in match games. It is fun showing everybody that it's no use! They start to beg you to not show them that it's no use but it's no use. I thought the updates would make Silver too vulnerable but to my surprise he still fun to use. Super Silver can not be picked up I noticed. Also Super Silver rules!

The only problems I have with Silver is the four default setup. I do turn off the locksound. I turn on silvervoice because I want people to know that it's no use and Silver talking is hilarious to me though I can understand it being set to off by default. I turn off telekinesistext though not too big deal to me. The aimcross is the only one I leave alone and let it stay on. Other than that I am very glad this exists. I hope this Silver wad will make Silver be officially playable in a official Sonic game someday.
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Old 08-15-2017   #208
Fres's Avatar

Originally Posted by TripleT View Post
I hope this Silver wad will make Silver be officially playable in a official Sonic game someday.
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Old 4 Days Ago   #209
worries too much
Rumia1's Avatar

I just fell into a pit in a match server and the game spat out this error. I wasn't even playing as Silver at the time, I was playing as Tails and there was nobody else on the server.

WARNING:...silver.wad|LUA_TELK:2186: attempt to index local 'inf' (a nil value)
Originally Posted by Cirno
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Old 4 Days Ago   #210

Originally Posted by Fres View Post
that game doesn't exist
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