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Jetty-Syn Proto - Robo on the Run! (Updated 10/16/2016) Details »»
Jetty-Syn Proto - Robo on the Run! (Updated 10/16/2016)
Version: V1.2, by CobaltBW (I do things sometimes) CobaltBW is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2017

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (9 votes - 4.78 average)
Released: 10-10-2016 Last Update: Never Installs: 3
Characters Scripts Re-Useable Content Sprites/Graphics

Early into the development of Black Rock as a doomsday device, Dr. Robotnik began working on a new bipedal Jetty-Syn prototype. This build was designed to be a master of both land and air exploration, and its newly developed AI system and ball-morphing technology would have made it a valuable asset to Dr. Robotnik's search for the Chaos Emeralds. However, disaster struck -- the prototype rebelled against its creator during a test run, and it broke free from Robotnik's lab, never to be seen again... or so he thought.

A few months later, when Robotnik launched his invasion on the planet, the maverick robot resurfaced and began an onslaught on Robotnik's other robots! Even more troubling was the fact that the Jetty-Syn appeared to be after the Chaos Emeralds as well, but had no interest in giving them to his master. In desperation, Robotnik sent a special forces unit to hunt him down and retrieve the chaos emeralds from the rogue robot.

Can Jetty-Syn Proto outrun his master? How will this renegade fare against his former comrades? Download now and find out!

* Play as Jetty-Syn Proto, a haywire robot with two trigger fingers! Fly over long distances and sneak into narrow passages with Proto's special abilities.
* Proto's popguns are rapidfire and easy to use, even in third person. However, they are short-ranged and fairly weak -- some enemies may require multiple hits to destroy!
* A critical design flaw leaves Proto with severely nerfed jetpack capability. Fortunately, he can extend his air time by collecting fuel from the enemies he destroys.
* Transform into a ball and roll around freely, but in a vulnerable state. Hold the attack button to charge up a blindingly quick dash attack that can bust walls and destroy enemies. It can even be used in the air!
* Watch out!! As Proto, enemies can warp to your location at any time! (You can also disable this feature using the encounters console command.)
* Sometimes unusual enemies will appear to test your skills!
* Handy tooltips at the beginning of each level will help you take full advantage of Proto's strengths. (Show these tips manually or toggle on/off using the prototips console command.)

Sound effects from Cave Story and DooM
Level shown in first screenshot is from Acid Missile

Shoutouts go to MonsterIestyn, FuriousFox, and a few others on #srb2fun for answering many of my questions and helping me troubleshoot my code.
Also thanks goes to Tripel the Fox, whose Tails Guy character served as part inspiration for this wad and gave me a starting point for coding when I knew very little about Lua.
Credit to Sapharos for lending me the death animation, which I tweaked a bit.
Special thanks to Wolfy for helping bugtest the character for online play.
Lastly, thank YOU for playing and giving all of your feedback!

This was a wad I set out to make because I wanted to play as a character that was focused on shooter-based combat, and no other mod seemed fleshed out for that purpose. Ultimately this modification turned into something a little bigger than that, and as a result I'm a little bit sleep deprived due to working on this nonstop for the past three or so weeks. That being said, I feel pretty happy about how it turned out, and I'm pleased that everyone else seems to enjoy it. There are no plans to extend this mod to include levels and such, though if there's enough demand, I may do some sort of expansion in the distant future.

Download Now

File Type: rar protov1.3.1.rar (82.1 KB, 870 views)

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Old 10-17-2016   #42
I do things sometimes
CobaltBW's Avatar

Alright, with any luck this will be my last update. Please let me know if there are any bugs after this and I'll try to issue a hotfix.

V1.3 Update Notes

* Added custom death animation (Courtesy of Sapheros)
* Reworked ball form to allow for external rescaling, i.e. Proto can now turn big or small through gimmicks such as ERZ2's mini section, in addition to shrinking in size through ball form.
* Gave Jetty-Syn Gatling Gunner a custom firing sound

* Cleaned up code
* All bullet health/damage values have been multiplied by 100. This allows for more flexibility within the bullet hit-counter system.

* Proto no longer fits through vertical bars in ball form
* Lowered dash cooldown (25 -> 15 frames)
* Proto's bullets will deal damage relative to his scale vs the enemy's scale (i.e. enemies in ERZ2's mini section will take twice as many hits)
* Lowered fuel drop rate from Jetty-syn Gunners/Bombers
* Various tweaks to spawns and spawn groups
* Tweaked movement values in 2D mode

* In ringslinger game modes, Proto no longer fires rings while in ball form
* Proto no longer clips or gets stuck through terrain while switching between forms
* Fixed rare bug where enemies would stay invisible when taking damage from Proto's bullet
* Fixed an oversight that prevented Proto from being able to jump during reverse gravity underwater currents

---------- Post added at 07:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:16 PM ----------

Okay last update, I promise. This one just fixes Proto's scale on endlevel and on death, disables a debug variable that I left on by accident, and fixes the version date.

Check out my soundcloud profile for music stuff

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Old 10-17-2016   #43
That guy that ports
Sapheros's Avatar

The download is is missing. But you'll probably notice once you're back online.
Hiyo all! Underground Website
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Old 10-17-2016   #44
I do things sometimes
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Check out my soundcloud profile for music stuff
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Old 10-17-2016   #45
has Mega Evolved
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i had a LOT of fun playing with proto, playing as him gives me Metal Slug memories, i also liked the adition of when you get a Fire Flower, you get Fire bullets.
NOTICE: my new name is StarStorm The Dragon. if you see someone with this name, it's me.
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Old 10-17-2016   #46
Does nothing at all.
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Originally Posted by CobaltBW View Post
Who said Proto was a good guy? He's just not on the same side as Robotnik... ;)
Well, my mind has been blown. So he's more of a anti-hero?

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Old 10-18-2016   #47
MK.exe's Avatar

Originally Posted by nothing View Post
Well, my mind has been blown. So he's more of a anti-hero?
So deadpool. Lol

Try and play with proto with chaos mode on
Hit a 180 Rail shot
First person to have a map in releases with Slopes
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Old 07-13-2017   #48

Thanks I'll try this :)
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