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Default Saving issues

I wanted to keep the title at simple as possible,
although the full title should've been: "can't save with .wads" or 
"unable to save the game with an autoexec.cfg file that automatically adds .wads"
As the titles implies, I've got some troubles with the current version of the game (2.1.19),
the problem is that I'm unable to save the game when I'm using .wads; even with the default characters.
I've tried searching in the forums, but with no avail. I'm sorry if I bother you all with this silly problem.
I'd really like to use those custom characters, but I don't want to lose progress each time I have to quit the game.
Anyway: thank you for reading, and have a nice day.
(Hopefully my grammar was clear enough.)
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Attempting to mod again
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If you add a wad, it should give you a notice saying you can't save until you restart the game. If you can, make a SOC lump with this in it:
GameData = SaveDataName.dat
Add it after your other wads and it will create a separate save data that you can use with all the wads added before it.
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