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Zwip-Zwap Zapony
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Default Controller Input Gets Ignored Sometimes

Sometimes, when a controller/gamepad/joystick button (or even axis) is changed (from being pressed or de-pressed), the result might not happen in SRB2. This can range from pressing jump not making you jump (while letting you jump the next time) to letting go of spin not making you stop flying downwards as Tails (while repeatedly hitting the jump button, and then flying up after pressing and letting go of spin again and continuing to press jump) to the camera not stopping moving when returning an analog stick to the center (until the analog stick is moved a bit and then put back to the center).

This doesn't happen to me in stuff like PCSX2 (a PlayStation 2 emulator), Sonic Mania, nor other things, leading me to believe this either happens during the conversion from X-Input to D-Input (which I see as unlikely, but as the other things support X-Input, it's possible) or when SRB2 tries to pick up on controller "events" (and may fail to do so sometimes, which is what I think happens here).

If I run forwards and try to jump off a cliff and then end up just falling, sure, that could be explained as normal, simple input lag... but it even happens when I stand completely still, while other button presses and de-presses work just fine, and I don't see how that could be as a result of input lag.

Unfortunately, there's not really any specific circumstance this happens in. My only wild guess would be that it could happen if I press a button at a 60th of a second that's "between" frames in SRB2's 35 frames per second... but that would leave around a 42% chance of it not working (I think), and I'd say it's "only" between every 10th and every 50th button press (10%-2%) that it gets ignored. It may not happen "a lot" (though today has been especially troublesome about it), but it definitely still happens, and it happening at all is too much.

Note: I am using a custom-compiled version of SRB2, and I can't seem to replicate the issue in the official SRB2 within 5 minutes... but then again, I couldn't replicate it in my custom-compiled version within 5 minutes, either. It doesn't seem to happen when I want it, but I'm pretty sure I also experienced the issue in the past with official versions of SRB2. I run SDL versions of SRB2, not DirectDraw versions, by the way.

Considering this isn't easily nor reliably reproducable on purpose, I'm aware it might be near-impossible to debug, but it's still good to have the issue be known in the first place.

Edit: Oh, and I believe this doesn't happen when I play using a keyboard and/or mouse, though I don't often play like that.

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