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Default I'm already confused

Trying to make my very first character wad. (Well, WAD in particular)
I read through the wiki a little and I downloaded the latest version of SLADE. I did the srb2.srb archive thing and now I'm stuck, is anyone willing to sort of walk me through this step by step? I'll be sure to credit your help when I make the character. Also, how long does a character take? I have plenty of free time. I think my next step is to make a lump? But I can't find where to do so. Your help is much appreciated.
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Ah , still learning LUA :P
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Is this topic against rules ???

Making a character wad is kinda a lot of work...
It takes (for me) 9 days of spriting and 1-2 days of making lums(and fixing mistakes) to make my FC ,and that was very long process.
I would reccomend you to start from making stage wads instead of character wads...
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Character wads normally take a couple of weeks or months depending on the quality of the overall character. To sprite, I recommend you use something like Paint (which is pre-installed on your computer if you are using Windows), PAINT.NET, or GIMP which are both downloadable. And you must use the SBR2 palette for the character to come out right which you can find here.
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So then I'm assuming making a map is easier?
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Mafia? Zombies? Gold spork?
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well, no. Characters take time of the drawing if you are looking at making quality sprites. They also should be balanced. (nobody want an OP character. it ruins the fun of the game.) A level however needs good aesthetics, good gameplay, and (i swear these days, Lua is needed). So if you are a good mapmaker then levels will be easier. otherwise stick to characters.
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Map making is easy once you understand the program which you use to make maps. By now, I have around 5 map packs that I find fun and replayable, and it didn't take me long to make them. The only troubling part about this, is the opinions of others. While some people find gimmicks interesting, others might find them annoying, and opinions of others are what really makes mapping tricky.

For character wads, you need to make a ton of sprites for a single character, not to mention their stats, their abilities, etc.

I'd say mapping is easier, and less time consuming. If you wish to release your work in public, then it gets harder, but if you wish to make maps for you own enjoyment, then map making is what I recommend you try.
Although this idea can also be used for character wads, as long as you don't really want to release it, and you are happy with it, then you should continue making it.

Whatever you decide, either it'd be mapping, character wad...wadding? Wadding, or both, I am willing to assist you with any questions you may have through a pm.
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Monster Iestyn
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Originally Posted by ThunderFlame View Post
Also, how long does a character take? I have plenty of free time.
Depends on how much effort you're willing to put in...

The original version of Robo-Hood the playable character for 2.0 I built in less than a day.

In contrast, my version of Mighty for 1.09.4 took me a whole year and more to finish.

That may give you some sort of idea of how long it could take, perhaps.
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