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Default Install mystic realm?

Hello, I know this question is probably very basic and asked many times and probably is in the faq, but the WIKI is down. I downloaded mystic Realm and extracted it, but what do I know now? Thanks in advance.
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The Message Board has a FAQ too, you know.

Mystic Realm is a wad. Just like any other wad, you add it to the game, either using a .bat file(which is provided in the mystic realm download), use the launcher, or type "addfile wadname.wad" in the console after starting the game.

To quote the FAQ topic,

Originally Posted by Mystic
3. How do I add <insert WAD or SOC file here> into the game?
There are several ways to do this.

1. Use the launcher in the files section and add them into the WAD Files section.
2. Use the console and type "addfile filename.wad".
3. Use a command prompt and type the parameter " -file filename.wad"

Generally, it’s easiest to use the launcher or the console, but use whatever method is the easiest for you.
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