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Smith The Icefox
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Default Rarest glitches and momments

This thread is for posting "rarest momments or glitches" that you've got.
Countless times i did things that i can't do anymore, but didn't made a GIF of it... Sadly.
I don't have screenshots, but i can tell you some:

-Objectplace physics with normal player;
-OLDGreen Sonic with objectplace physics;
-Gravity sets to zero from nowhere;
-Sonic jumping too much low and not making sounds;
-Knuckles being able to climb unclimbable walls;
-OLDSonic being able to enter into walls

Well, some of them aren't rare, but still glitches.
Smith Squad
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there's phone service here?
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Originally Posted by Smith The Icefox View Post
-Knuckles being able to climb unclimbable walls
I would say that this one in particular is merely an oversight of whoever developed the level, rather than a glitch.
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Or on purpose as part of a challenge.
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