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Default A Topic about Music Similar to What's Heard in SRB2

Hey, guys. I noticed that this song sounds a lot like the main theme for SRB2. Have a listen.

Do you think there's other music that's similar to the music in SRB2? Leave your thoughts below.

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typicality nonsensical
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If anyone needs an explanation: "something that sounds like it could be in SRB2" means it sounds like a converted MIDI.

I've heard some things that definitely sounded like they'd fit in SRB2, but, y'know, I forget names.
I like remastering MIDIs? Oh I guess there's no harm in a few minutes of your time.
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Old 03-26-2017   #3

spongehog5000, could you send me that video you made, with Brandy & Mr. Whiskers playing Sonic 3 Complete?
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trapped in 65c816 hell
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       ACT 1????
mtscr underscore metal maddddddddddddddddd beta4fix dot wad
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Ladies and gentlemen, Jade Valley.
our game
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