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Default The best way to keep your SRB2 up to date!

Hey everybody, I'm JTE, the current "external communities manager".

Whenever there's a new news post for SRB2, I post an excerpt of it and link to it in the following locations, handy for anyone who doesn't use an RSS reader or visit the site regularly:

In addition, whenever a new version is released, I copy the build to the following alternate download sites:

This means that if you download, install, and run SRB2 through the Game Jolt client or the Itch App, the game should update automatically every time a new patch is released, and show new major versions for download as they are released.

Please be aware that these special launchers are still in development, they may lose your save data and add-on wads if you "Uninstall" the game through them, or update poorly to new major versions. (A lot of this has yet to be seen.)

You should never see an advertisement displayed on any of the SRB2-related pages on these sites, nor should SRB2 be locked behind a pay-wall. SRB2 is a non-profit fan game and should never be monetized in any way, by any party.

I do not currently have control over the old YouTube account but it's supposedly been recovered and currently in the hands of other STJr staff members right now.
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This is somewhat related, but there is also an "Unofficial" Discord group too if you feel like joining it.

While I am not big on third-party downloaders, I appreciate the effort you went into spreading it to other platforms. I might consider getting one if the game were to update rapidly, but at this pace, it's more convenient to just tag the home page now and then.
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