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Default Objects with the flags MF_SOLID and MF_SPRING behave strangely when mass is set to 0

As the title states, objects with the flags MF_SOLID and MF_SPRING have odd effects when their mass is set to 0. Among these effects are randomly setting the state of the player to spinning, similar to the effects of landing while jumping with a momz of 0.

More notably though is that they break analog mode when spun into or jumped on. The camera rotation buttons stop functioning and only tilt the camera slightly left or slightly right, and the turn left and turn right buttons or mouse move make the player strafe.

These effects last until either the player toggles analog mode off and on again or loads a new map, simply retrying the stage does not fix these issues.

A demonstration WAD for this effect using a modified crawla is attached in the post but this can also be seen in Dirk's horizontal springs wad and in SUBARASHII's Sapphire Frost Zone by Glaber.
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Hey there. I needed to make a fix for this issue for the Horizontal Springs mod, so I thought I'd share it here as well, in case anyone is interested. This Lua script basically restores the player's pflags to them after hitting an object with MF_SPRING and MF_SOLID with a mass of 0. It's intended to be included as a lump in map wads, but you can also add it as a standalone, for instance if you're playing a SUBARASHII netgame.
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